Meet The Team


January 14th 2017 is a day that probably doesn’t particularly resonate in the memory of most Torquay United supporters. We played that day, losing 2-1 at home to Woking (of course). Though not revered for footballing excellence, it was the day that self proclaimed media mogul and TT Captain, Dominic Roman, first penned for TorquayTalk.

Forged from the fires of the (much loved) fanzine, Highway To Hele, Dominic took to the digital revolution and created a space where a mixed bag of writers, social commentators and “nothing better to do” types, can share and be shared. TorquayTalk was born.

It takes a semi-reliable team to keep this empire ticking along, from match reports to commentary, player interviews to season reviews, we’re always up to something.

Please feel free to meet the team and get to know those behind the scenes:

Dominic RomanΒ (C) – Editor and Site Manager

Sam Jones – Deputy Editor and Contributor

Luke Hunter – Site Developer and Contributor

Rich Heesem – Contributor

Sam Druiff – Contributor

Matty Hayward – Contributor

Marcus Arscott – Contributor

Andy Charles – Contributor

Ben Currie – Contributor

Rachel Malloch – Contributor

Thomas Kelly – Contributor

Jonny Jones – Contributor

Ryan Etches – Contributor

TT Team introductions by Dom Roman