Sam Jones – Deputy Editor and Contributor

Name: Sam Jones

Twitter Name: @samuellejones

Why TUFC?: My family bought a house in Torquay in 2005 and started to go and watch them, and the rest is history. Also, it means I can be incredibly hipster about who I support.

Year started supported TUFC and 1st game?: Boxing Day 2005 – Torquay 2-2 Wycombe Wanderers. We blew a two goal lead to top of the table Wycombe, while we were sitting pretty at the bottom. Should’ve seen it as a sign of things to come.

Favourite all-time TUFC players?: Eunan O’Kane, Tim Sills, Kevin Nicholson.

Best TUFC memory?: Finding out that we had completed the great escape in 2016 with the 2-0 win over Bromley. I was overseas at the time, frantically checking twitter to see if we had managed to secure safety. I remember bursting into tears with relief at full time as only weeks before, I was 100% convinced we were going down and that would be the end of the club.

Worst TUFC memory?: Where do I start…I think the worst for me was relegation to the Conference in 2014. I know we had down before but I was more optimistic that we would bounce back the first time. This time, it felt more final, like it was the beginning of the end for the club.

Favourite spot at Plainmoor?: I like Bristow’s Bench: good view of the game, roomy seats and if the game gets boring (which it does, way too often) you have a nice view of Dartmoor on a sunny day.