Andy Charles – Contributor

Andy C

Name: Andy Charles

Twitter Name: @capitalgull

Why TUFC?: Dad was a supporter from the 1940s and it helped that every time I came out of my front door and looked to the right, there was the Ellacombe End/Family Stand/Mini Stand staring at me. I wondered what went on in there for the first few years of my life.

Year Started Supporting TUFC and 1st Game: October 10th at home to Portsmouth. 2-1 win, amazing atmosphere, and still trying to source programme if anyone has one for sale! Mum was furious I’d been taken to the game on a school night, but what can you honestly learn at seven other than what team you are going to support for life!

Favourite All-Time TUFC Players: You’ve had my dream team already! Alex Russell, Rodney Jack and Mark Loram all in there and Kyle Cameron right now.

Best TUFC Memory: Tough call between Paul Dobson’s relegation-sparing goal in 1987 and the similarly-vital win over Barnet in 2001. Strange that I pick those over the Wembley win, but I am strange like that!

Worst TUFC Memory: Colchester in 2005 and relegation from League One. Only time I have been in tears leaving a game and I know I wasn’t the only one.

Favourite Spot at Plainmoor: Back row of the Pop Side midway between the halfway line and the Babbacombe End penalty area. I stay there all game while others I am with move to the Ellacombe End of the Pop. Before the rebuilding I had a season ticket in the old main stand, towards the Ellacombe End and before that standing right on the rail in front of the Pop.



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