Thomas Kelly – Contributor

Thomas Kelly

Name: Thomas Kelly

Twitter Name: @ThomasKellytufc

Why TUFC?: My grandparents lived in Newton Abbot and my parents owned a lodge in Chudleigh so on school holidays we would always come down to visit and one day my Grandpa asked me if I wanted to watch a live Torquay United game. Being an excited 11 year old at the time I immediately said yes and I’m still here all these years later following the team as much as I can.

Year started supported TUFC and 1st game?: From best memory it was 2001 although I cannot remember who we played against. I’m pretty sure we lost but I was hooked.

Favourite all-time TUFC players?: Kevin Hill. (TUFC legend. Always wore the shirt with pride. Still remember the tears of 2006 fondly.) Tim Sills (SILLS!!! TORQUAY UNITED ARE CLOSE TO THE PROMISED LAND!!) Still get goosebumps rewatching that moment. Scored so many vital goals for us and another who deserves to be crowned a TUFC legend.

David Graham: Goal machine. A prime David Graham was bad news for the opposition. Shame his career never pushed on after he left us but we were fortunate to have got the best out of him whilst he wore the yellow shirt.

Best TUFC memory?: Wembley 2009. In my lifetime, there is no contest. Seeing my team win promotion at Wembley will live with me forever. A of my friends certainly knew about it the next day at school, whether they wanted to or not.

Worst TUFC memory?: Hartlepool away 2018. Yes there are so many that I could have chosen but for some reason after months of acceptance that we would go down, when that final whistle blew I completely broke down. The fact that we would be playing regional football for the first time in our history was a bitter pill to take, no matter how deserving it was. I honestly thought Torquay United would cease to exist at certain points over the summer.

Favourite spot at Plainmoor?: The Popside! Back row just to the right of the halfway line.



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