Rachel Malloch – Contributor


Name: Rachel Malloch

Twitter Name: @RachelVillavox

Why TUFC: I re-located to the Torbay area in the mid 90s, I’m a Villa fan however the lure of local football and at that time a league side attracted me, and once I’d attended Plainmoor I was converted to the cause. I spent a lot of the 90s travelling back up to Birmingham to watch Villa. Once the South West Lions Supporters Travellers Club ceased operating, trips to Plainmoor became more frequent.

Year started supporting TUFC: 1996/97 in earnest, although I would occasionally go along to games before then.

First game: It was December, 1993, a home game versus Walsall. Torquay lost 1-0. the bittersweet affection started there!

Favourite all time players: Alex Watson, Rodney Jack, Kevin Hill, Scotty Partridge, Tony Bedeau, Alex Russell, Elliott Benyon, Danny Stevens, Rene Howe, Jamie Reid but if i’m going for my all time favourite, for a masterclass in goalkeeping and just being superb it has to be Neville Southall. He was a class act in those 2 seasons with us.

Best TUFC memory: My best memory was the play off final 2009; returning to league status, Chrissie Hargreaves ran the midfield that day, scored a cracking goal and the imperious Tim Sills goal sealed the victory but it’s run a very close second to the Barnet away game of May, 2001, that winner stays up clash and the whole day was just brilliant, even that heart in mouth 2nd half when Barnet got 2 back and laid siege to our goal. I had a piece of Barnet turf and watered it for a couple of years!

Worst TUFC memory: My worst memory: as a Torquay follower I can say that some of the football under Gary Owers was miserable that stays fresh in the memory but I think the play off final at Wembley 1998, we had such high expectations, were all ebullient and hopeful, we had a very good team that season but Torquay Utd did a classic Torquay Utd and just didn’t turn up, Colchester put 2 players on Rodney Jack, they scored one and that was that. Dejected and a very long coach journey back to the bay. Alcohol was our friend.

Favourite spot at Plainmoor: is the halfway line on the Pop side terrace and while these days I’ve opted for the comfort of a season ticket seat up on Bristow’s bench, that will always be my preferred place to cheer the Gulls on.



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