TT TALKING POINTS – Exeter City (h) by Chris Wade


Chris Wade – @TufcChris

“If Gary goes with Halstead, we all need to get behind him and support him all the way”

Chris discusses Saturday’s game at Plainmoor


Well now. This has been looking like a complicated situation heading into the new season. And it took a new twist at Plainmoor on Saturday. Mark Halstead started for the third time this week and appears to be in pole position to start on August 6. But what he delivered yesterday wasn’t what most people thought we would see. A serious of outstanding saves, including two barely believable efforts will have given Mark a massive confidence boost. Regardless of what people think they or do actually know, we are where we are. If Gary goes with Halstead, we all need to get behind him and support him all the way. There is no doubt that he is a more than competent National League goalkeeper, and we all have a much better chance if we stick together as fans and players and support him.


Perhaps the area that gives me the most nerves at the moment is the centre back situation. Working on the principle that the recruitment is done now, and the team setting up in a 3-5-2 throughout pre-season, we will need three centre backs for each game. Ross Marshall looks like a solid and dominant addition, Dean Moxey does what Dean Moxey does very well and Ali Omar has started at the centre in all matches so far. Can he be trusted to be dependable and reliable every week? The other options of young Ollie Tomlinson and currently unfit Asa Hall aren’t exactly bankers, so a lot depends on those three. Dylan Crowe looks to be a lively wing back that will need to work on his defensive duties, and Ben Wyatt appeared more than capable when he came on were he to sign. But there are a lot of players that will need to learn on the job.


The midfield three looked very exciting against Exeter. All three were strong, solid, mobile and interchangeable to each others positions. They all look capable of scoring goals and getting ahead of strikers and into the box. Watching the team from the stands, what was notable was how much bigger we are in there. Donnellan, McGavin and Hanson are all 6 feet plus and took no nonsense and happily stood up to their EFL opponents. Hanson should have scored early on but there was a lot about him that reminded me of a certain play maker that has recently departed. McGavin looks to be a really good signing and took his goal really well. With Asa and Tom Lapslie not involved against Exeter, there is cover and depth in there.


The one area of the team that will need to improve and gel over the next two weeks is the working patterns in the forward areas. Will Goodwin looks like a really good option but lacked composure in the final third on several occasions, but that will come with time and experience. The same can be said of Corie Andrews, who looks mobile and creative but is a little behind on fitness. With Aaron Jarvis absent yesterday and Olaf Koszela another option, will there be enough goals at this level? I am really hopeful that the midfield players will chip in with a good number of goals this season, as they were getting forward well. Kieron Evans also has a goal in him and is creative.


With one more friendly to come at Truro on Saturday, the pre-season is nearing it’s conclusion. The squad has potential, of that there is no doubt. The way that all the players come together and form the next team will be key, and as much as part of me says that the number of new players will take some time to get going, it is that fact that ultimately cost us in the end last season. The recruitment looks good to me, but there are a lot of questions that need to be answered in the affirmative to make a good start. Does Halstead have the confidence? Can Omar be consistent? Do we have enough goals? Do we have enough know how? All will be revealed in the coming weeks and months, but it’ll be great fun as always, won’t it?









One thought on “TT TALKING POINTS – Exeter City (h) by Chris Wade

  1. In my humble opinion we have some very promising players in this current squad.
    At the back I think we have to give Halstead a chance until any regular concerns show up.
    With Hall and Lapslie to return surely we have enough in midfield both defensively and going forward which can in turn cover possible underachievement 🤔
    I would love to have a big experienced attacker (like Danny Wright) as an option but if we can stay clear of major injury and Wyatt completes a deal at full back ( or whatever the modern term is🙄) I think we could certainly be top six by Christmas.
    Call me optimistic🤗
    Tony Counter


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