“Our aim Is to win the league and earn our place in the National League”


We caught up with Danni Wyatt to discuss being back at Torquay Utd Women and the upcoming season

Hi Danni, so since we last spoke a few years back you left Torquay women, what have you been up to since then?

Since leaving Torquay last, I signed for Plymouth Argyle Women for one season and then took some time off after I struggled with an injury and I couldn’t quite get back to full fitness, and after much consideration I decided to stop playing. But it was short-lived after being approached by Exeter City Women to give it another go. This was a decision I was glad I made in the end, as it led me back to Torquay shortly after Grant took over the club.

What made you decide to return this year?

After hearing Grant had decided to take on the challenge of bringing Torquay Women back to the top of the league, it was something I couldn’t turn down once I’d had a discussion with him. Torquay has always been a home for me when it comes to football and I was excited to return.

When is the women’s season due to start and what division will you be in?

The women’s season begins on the 5th September with an away fixture to start us off, we look to take on Bishops Lydeard in the opener and hope to bring home the first 3 points of our exciting league campaign. We are competing in the Premier Division of the South West Women’s Football League.

What fixtures do you have coming up?

All our fixtures are published on the full time FA website and I believe our own website is being worked on and will be released soon to keep up to date with our fixtures and results.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

Weaknesses – My confidence in myself & my ability, it has improved leading up to this season but every player has their fair share of knocks and it’s very common. I could also always be fitter than what I am & need to look more at building my cardiovascular base up. Exploring my weaknesses is tough too!! I’ve working on remaining calm during games as I can be known to lose my cool.

Strengths – My biggest strengths would be my commitment, consistency, loyalty. I work hard and this breeds a positive culture to my team mates. My strengths on the pitch I would say are positional awareness, goal-scoring, leading the team & being influential.


Which other players should we look out for this season?

Other players to look out for are Ocean Latto & Emma Hunt! Two very young but very talented players who I believe have a really bright future ahead of them.

Women’s football has experienced huge growth in recent years, why do you think that is?

I think it’s about time people caught on to Women’s Football. It’s really great to look back and see how much it has developed since I was a kid down the park playing alongside all the boys. I really hope it continues to develop in this way and give young girls the pathways to make careers from the game.

Why should Gulls fans come and support you?

We have a really special team this season and I think it’s one to watch and get to know. We are just a group of women who all work or study full time and play for the love of the game completely and that really shows.

What are the teams aims and ambitions this season?

Really simple answer for this last question, our aim Is to win the league and earn our place in the National League. United we stand.


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