TT Predictions League 19-20


Rich Heesem – @RichHeesem

So we are 15 games into the season, let’s just say it’s had it’s ups and downs so far but it’s never dull at Torquay United is it! To set the scene we are currently on 6 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses.

At the tail end of last season the TT team prediction league began and Marcus Arscott was in charge of scoring, predictably I finished last and I’m still waiting for my wooden spoon.  Instead best mate and chief editor of the TT blog Dom decided to ask me to run a predictions league for our new season back in the National League.  At least as gamesmaster I won’t be taking part, so can’t finish bottom this time!

So I decided on a scoring system of 5 points for a correct score and 2 points for a correct result.  Everyone agreed they would all put some money into the pot, just to make it a little bit more interesting (and stop them from quitting).

Thankfully getting the predictions in has been made easier by the way of the WhatsApp app, other messaging apps are available!  Although getting predictions from Luke for the first few months from Australia at some very weird times was always random!

So after each game I send the group an updated table and generally anyone languishing at the bottom of said table has to take some stick from the rest of the group. Trust me, like Gary Johnson’s philosophy these lot are all out to win and are ultra competitive.

So every few months I will do an update of the predictions league on here, so the rest of the Twitterverse can mock those at the bottom of the table as well.

At the moment Sam Jones is at the top of the table, this despite the fact he’s touring Japan at the moment watching Wales in the Rugby World Cup.  Don’t worry I’ve deducted him a few points for his choice of home nation! Next up is Andy Charles in second place and then we have Matty Hayward closely behind in third who was our leader for most of August and September.  I have text him to say he needs to up his game, unfortunately he’s been too busy getting love messages from Jamie Reid to do so.

Most of the predictions are generally for a Tufc win or a draw.  None of the team like to predict a loss which I suppose is understandable, but that does mean there are quite a few games where no one in the team gains any points.  As the season goes on some of the team may have to change their tactics and occasionally say we will lose to get them moving up that table.  

So here is the league table as it stands before the Ebbsfleet away game.


I will see you again in another few months time with another update, hopefully some of those languishing near the bottom of the table will be pushing up the league just like TUFC.  Come on you yellows!

IMG-20190604-WA0003.jpg – @TORQUAYTALK

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