#TUFC Tweets of the Week 7th Jan 2018

Happy New Year fellow Gulls fans.  Our plight unfortunately looks even bleaker than the previous 2 season’s put together.  Owers is completely out of his depth, the players have given up by the sounds of it and we can’t seem to find a target man for the love of money!

I hope we can turn this around but I really don’t know if we can.  Come on boys let’s do this!

Anyway onto the Tweets of the Week.

Rich Heesem @RichHeesem

5 – TUFC Stats

4 – TUFC Osbourne Out


3 – TUFC Questions

2 TUFC Care-O-Meter


1 – TUFC Basic Mistakes

For those fans that feel like they need even more punishment, I will see you on Saturday for the Eastleigh game.

2 thoughts on “#TUFC Tweets of the Week 7th Jan 2018

  1. Hi Dominic,
    I will be in touch with you shortly re TUST’s response to the current deteriorating situation at Plainmoor.

    After getting my head around TUST business in the last few weeks, since being elected chairman, I have resisted the urge to ‘put pen to paper’ too quickly. This has been whilst continuously registering the general mood and views of our supporters/members. Through listening to them and reading the various threads on
    social media,including Torquay Talk, I can see that this has now fully developed into a major concern by many fans on many counts! Many are now in agreement, with obviously also some clearly differing views.

    We are holding a TUST board meeting tomorrow, when we will be discussing our co-ordinated response and action plan re the current situation and uncertainty about our club’s future. We are also due to meet representatives of TUFC for our January, monthly meeting, which we are currently arranging.
    We will also be making a statement shortly,I’ll get back to you at Torquay Talk and give you a heads up.
    The supporters and club needs clarity as to what plans are in place right now for the near and long term.
    Best wishes,
    Michel(TUST chairman)


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