An Open Letter to The Herald Express

There was a time when the Herald Express’ coverage of Torquay United was as important as the official site. From the Captain’s Blog, to fan interviews and everything in between – it was a bridge that worked for the supporters, a mutual relationship and a popular one at that.

Times have changed for written press, forums have rose, tweeters tweet, podcasters speak and bloggers… well, blog… but the fan base cannot stand alone in the “real world”. The local newspaper reaches supporters that will forever be inaccessible to this expansive medium that gives us all a voice. As important as it is that we use this voice, it will never carry enough authority to reach, say, Clarke Osborne, Gaming International, Riviera Stadium – or the combination of these that appear to currently take ownership of the club.

Now is the time for brave, courageous, investigative journalism. We, the supporters, need the Herald Express more than ever. I implore, I beg, those in the news community with the powers, to do everything they can to provide the answers to these questions before it is too late.

– What was Clarke Osborne’s involvement at the failed/closed stadium projects in Bristol, Hereford, Reading, Oxford and Milton Keynes?

– Why was there a failure to build a sporting stadium in any of the aforementioned stadium projects?

– What has happened to the local board promised over a year ago?

– The same question regarding the fans forum?

– The same question regarding the five year plan?

– What is the current structure of the ownership and what parameters, if any, would need to be met for the responsible disposal of the football Club?

– What is their current relationship with Torbay council?

– What are the owners currently doing as a result of the council’s freehold decision?

– Is Clarke Osborne attending games, if not, why?

Please, be brave. There is nothing to be gained from siding with this ownership if it eventually results in the destruction of the Football Club. Represent your people, us.

Let us not sit here and do nothing. Ask questions, ask those that know, speak to those at Swindon, Reading, Hereford. Speak to Clarke – if he refuses to comment, then that is your story.

I wish wholeheartedly that both Torquay United and the Herald Express are here long after this current ownership and I hope in time we can look back on this period as the one where we worked together to secure the long term survival of the football club for its supporters.


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