TT TALKING POINTS – Scunthorpe United (A) by Tom Beddows


Tom Beddows


Tom discusses the win at Scunny


The last two games have shown that the team has (finally) found it’s fighting spirit. After some abject performances and silly mistakes in recent games, which have cost us hugely, it is good to see that the players have not given up in the very ambitious fight for survival. Having been at Dagenham last weekend, and watched the highlights of recent losses against Southend, Wealdstone and Bromley, I’ve wondered how much the boys in yellow have actually cared about the situation the club is in. However, they have shown to me on Tuesday, and today, that they do. It may be too late for us to remain in the National League, but with the spirit they are now showing there is no reason why this spirit can’t continue for the next 6 games and who knows where we may end up. 


It has been a weird season for the National League, you have the two top teams at the top fighting for that single automatic spot, one of which will be very unlucky to miss out. There is then a 25 point gap between 2nd & 3rd, which is bonkers! The teams in and around the playoffs have been nothing special, shown by our wins against both Barnet and Boreham Wood. I don’t recall a season where the performances of the teams in it have been so inconsistent, which makes our position even more infuriating. I saw a stat that said we’d dropped 18 points from leading positions so far this season, which if we’d held onto those leads, we’d find ourselves placed around 11th! If we’re still here next season, hopefully without both Wrexham and Notts, we have got to be more consistent and more intelligent in our play, this will at least allow us to compete for a boring mid-table finish, something I think we’d all find quite pleasant, for a change!


The recent additions of Dawson and Nouble to the squad have brought much needed experience and made a real difference to the confidence of the team. Having someone to hold the ball up the pitch as Nouble does allows for the team to push forward and try to create chances in the box, something we’ve been lacking all season. Imagine where we could have been if they were here 12 weeks ago! I’d be happy to have them both as permanent features of the squad for 23/24, whether we’re in the NL or NLS.


Simply incredible! Week in week out, in what has been an absolutely dreadful season, the Yellow Army have shown up to support the team. Today was another fine example of this, to have stood in a cold, dull Glanford Park with 150+ others, who did nothing but make noise all afternoon, showed the love that the Yellow Army have for this club and proof that no matter how poor of a season we have there will always be numbers travelling. The Yellow Army is not done yet, 6 more games to go, make sure you’re there, as each and every one of us is needed. 


Last week saw the publication of the most recent accounts for the club, with much talk and analysis by fans over social media. It’s a concerning position to be in, and none of us know how much longer our elusive owner is going to continue funding the club, even to the minimal level that is possible. Our future prospects are unknown, if relegation happens, will we remain full time? Will whoever the manager is be given the best shot at immediate promotion? Nobody knows, and that’s both worrying and upsetting. This will not be seen by Clarke Osborne or anyone at Gaming International, but I’ll say it anyway…please publish a statement of intent, show us that our club will still exist in its current form under your continued ownership. We will not let Torquay United disappear down the regional leagues, we will not let Plainmoor become housing stock. This is our club forever and always. To the Yellow Army, I’d urge everyone to join the TUST if you have not done so already, your small contribution may become a highly important one. 







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