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Matty discusses talking points from the draw at Wrexham


Would we really want what Wrexham have? I mean really?

This is a strange one for me. As I collected my ticket from the busy club shop the guy behind me had turned up on the day and asked for three tickets, the response he got may as well have been Nessa from Gavin and Stacey saying “sling ya hook or I’ll break ya arm”. None were available on the day.

Meanwhile, as a very nice Welsh lady sorted through the envelopes to find the tickets I had pre-paid for, a young(ish) couple next to me gingerly placed down a whole load of Wrexham ‘merch’ and kit on the counter and slowly took out a bank card. It would be wrong for me to assume they’d never been to a Football match before, but, from their sheepish manner and appearance and I would confidently bet that they had never been to a football match before.

This got me thinking about what had happened to the likes of Salford. When Neville and Co. went in there they vowed they would take anyone who was already at the club with them on ‘the journey’. Barbara ‘Babs’ Gaskell was serving greasy baps in a shack, and although she is still in catering at the club, she is now serving her time instead, in sleek corporate facilities. On another occasion the chap behind me, who I briefly exchanged some football knowledge with, would have walked in at the turnstile unhindered at 2:55pm. Although what Neville, and in this case Reynold’s, is doing isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s arguably sucking the soul out of what makes the club it is, and the reasons why those people want to be there along with it. Discuss.

Dealing with Mullin

Dom’s pre match talking point about dealing with Mullin never came to fruition. The striker’s case of mistaken identity was brought to attention after Tuesday night’s game and the red card that was issued to the wrong player was rightly over-turned in time for Saturday. Mullin consequently spent the afternoon sat like a naughty boy between Reynolds and McElhenney. I can only imagine what awkward conversations took place as the owners watched on in a sort of crazed and naive, North American up-beat manner, whilst Mullin had to explain to them what a ‘sheep shagger’ was and why the Wrexham fans were singing it about themselves. The fact is we didn’t have to deal with Mullin in the end. If we had done then we could be looking at a different result. Wrexham lacked any real dangerous threat or intent in attack and you never really felt like gritting your teeth too much when they came forward. Equally neither did we as we struggled to get our front men into the game.

Subs and loan players making an impact

Rumours of Byron Moore began circulating earlier in the week and Argyle fans had started singing his praises to us. As it turned out he’d been training with us for two weeks and when it was finally revealed he’d signed it came to many as a pleasant surprise. General expectation amongst Plymouth fans was that he’d sign for a League club, or certainly a higher level. Although, National League being stronger than League 2 seems to be the way to go these days. Nonetheless he’s a Gull, and when he came on you could sense he had thoroughbred in him and had recently plied his trade at a higher level. In addition the welcome return of Alex Addai and Tom Lapslie enabled Sinclair Armstrong to come into the game a bit more, and all of a sudden it felt like we’d made four substitutions instead of three. Keep these boys fit, and our next run of games could see us return a number of healthy points.


Tom Laplie sleeps in his full kit pass it on.

It’s something you love to see, the black boots, tucked in shirt and brylcreem hair. Tom Lapslie should be kicking about stitched leather footballs from the 1950s, instead he’s laying on passes for Chiori Johnson to cross in for Lemon to nod home. I had the honour of meeting his parents on Saturday who take great pride in travelling the country to watch not only Tom but also his brother play professional football. It was pleasing to hear that he was enjoying his time at the club and I explained how his hard working presence has quickly won over the fans. The lad is an absolute machine. It was good to see him return on Saturday, he’s a player with plenty of experience and one I think we have sorely missed in recent weeks.

Fan Safety

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know, we are sick to death of hearing about Hollywood, Renoylds and all that. Stick your f******g Deadpool up your arse blah blah blah. But the fact of the matter is, that without the TikTok and Netflix circus that we were greeted with at The Racecourse on Saturday, our safety and security as away supporters would have never been compromised by the clowns responsible for it. It was set up to fail.

Segregation of home and away fans is commonplace, and on the rare occasion where they are placed above one another the appropriate safety measures are in position. Bramhall Lane is a ground where this happens and I believe it also happens at Valley Parade, although I could be wrong. Nonetheless, the clubs who do have their home and away fans set up in such a fashion have done it week in week out, season after season. They are prepared, practiced and rehearsed in the art of policing and stewarding properly with the appropriate physical barriers and aids to help them.

None of this was evident on Saturday. Not one Hi Vis of any sort could be seen in that top tier. Torquay fans were moved last minute in the interest of greed and as a result were penned in and vulnerable. Every club is responsible for the safety of fans and here Wrexham neglected their duty of care to those very supporters. A police probe and official complaint made to the National League has now been lodged by the club in conjunction with Wrexham FC to find the culprits involved. Let’s hope the investigation is successful and the maximum punishment is handed out to those responsible.

COYY – Matty


TT MATCH VERDICT – Wrexham 1-1 TUFC, 30th Oct 2021

THE GULLS WEEK 1st – 7th NOV by Danny Burnell




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2 thoughts on “TALKING POINTS – WREXHAM (A) by Matty Orton

  1. Most important point made was the introduction of more pace up front where we desperately need it.
    This side could soon be of a similar build to last seasons most impressive eg Addai and Moore the “new” Whitfield and Nemane added to the impressive Armstrong this has got to be progress.
    Add another experienced Central Defender and this side could start climbing the table !!🤗
    Tony Counter


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