TT Opposition Q&A – Wrexham AFC by Aled Roberts


Aled Roberts

Aled Roberts discusses his team Wrexham AFC

TT – Hi Aled so how’s Wrexham’s form been recently heading into the game at Plainmoor?

AR – In our last 5 games we have won 3, drawn 1 and lost 1 and the draw and loss were in our last 2 games. So not in great form going into the game at the weekend but our form before the last game which we lost was great. Beating a team who was second in the league at the time. So the ability to get a result is there, and with that I definitely think we can give you a good game this weekend.

So what your initial thoughts on the surprise new owners, and how did it come about?!

Well if you told me a year ago we would face a global pandemic and we couldn’t attend football games (before December the 12th if in England) and that Wrexham would get taken over by Reynolds and McElhenney I would have thought you were having me on and that you were crazy but all that has happened! When I first heard about a takeover I was curious on who it was. But when I heard that it was Reynolds and McElhenney I thought that this is a bit early for an April fools joke, but when I listened to the club’s statement about the takeover I just thought I was dreaming. Something this good has never happened whilst being a Wrexham fan so couldn’t really contemplate it, felt really surreal. And then came the zoom meeting with Reynolds and Elhenney which was just mind blowing. I just couldn’t take in that they were talking to me in person.

What’s their plans and ambitions for the club?

Their goal is to grow the team, return it to the EFL in front of increased attendances at an improved stadium while making a positive difference to the wider community in Wrexham. Guarantee the club cannot be relocated, renamed or rebranded. Appropriate and respectful observance of the Gresford Colliery Disaster will remain sacrosanct. Ensure that when the day comes that they leave the club, it will be in a better position than it is today.

  • Protect the heritage of the club.

  • To reinforce the values, traditions and legacy of this community.

  • To use our resources to grow the exposure of the club, and to have a global appeal.

  • Rewarding the faith of the fans who have stuck with the team with a team they are proud of

And just to end they said, to always beat Chester. And in more detail here is a link

What’s been your highlights of the season so far?

Of course the takeover has been an amazing highlight so far this season and the future definitely looks brighter, but excluding the takeover by R&R (Ryan and Rob) I would say our 4-0 win against Sutton. Didn’t expect to beat Sutton well at least not a convincing win like we did. Was the best all round performance that we have had so far this season, we could of scored 6, but Suton did have their moments while at 2-0 and we handled their pressure well.

Who are your key players and why?

If he is fit to play after having a collision last Saturday I would say Lainton our GK, has done very well. Kelleher and yes he is related to the GK for Liverpool, has been an impressive addition to the squad with Pearson unable to play because of injury. I don’t need to explain Luke Young to you guys you know his qualities, his work ethic. Durrell is a threat going forwards and don’t mistake that because of his size that he cannot run fast, he can have a sudden burst of pace to get past defenders.

Who’s the gaffer and what tactics does he like to employ?

Keates used to be a Wrexham captain and has definitely been our best captain whilst we have been in non league and he’s from Walsall. He has managed us before but then went to manage Walsall, but the club got relegated that season and I’ve never understood why we got him back. Usually he plays quite defensively but in our past 6 games we have been more attacking and been more of a threat going forward. Unlike how we started the season, maybe because a majority of our players were brought in the summer, and just needed time to gel.

With backing from Reynolds and McElhenney are you optimistic on your chances this season?

Before the season started I predicted that we would be 5th and didn’t think that we would get promoted, but predicted that it would be possible to get promoted next season. With this backing I still think that we will be in the play-offs, but promotion via the playoffs will be depending on how our January transfer window will go. I definitely think it will be our season next year because of the backing.

Which opposition teams and players have impressed you most?

Only Sorba Thomas and Luke Molyneux have impressed me very much so far. Sorba was a massive threat for Wood when they came to the Racecourse on the opening game. Had amazing pace, got into great positions to score but just glad we had Lainton in goal because he made a great save from one of his attempts at goal. He has also caught the eye of league sides. Luke got himself in the right positions upfront and wasn’t far from scoring for Hartlepool on a few occasions, at times he was hard to deal with. 

Just how much have you missed going to games and will you be venturing back soon?

Well it is very unlikely us in Wales will return in the next month or 2 but really missing meeting with mates before kick-off, having a drink and a chat. Miss the half time pie and bovril/coffee while sitting in the stand with other fans. Ok the stream is a great idea but nothing beats being in a ground the atmosphere from the fans, limbs in the crowd, celebrating last minute winners, banter with the away fans also pre-match chat with away fans. The moment when I can attend a game I will try to be the first one to get a ticket. Miss being at the Racecourse and watch the reds play but I also really miss those away games.

And finally give us a match prediction for the game at Plainmoor?

If our result against Alty was a blip then I think it could end as a 1-1 draw, because our form before that game was great. Beating Sutton 4-0 during that run. But if we play like we did against Alty against you on Saturday I think you will win 2-0. The game will be a competitive one. Jordan Davies a player from our academy who did go to BHA from us and has now returned to help. He is very good with free kicks outside the box just like Young and could create something in the game. Also if Lainton plays I think we have a chance of staying in the game with his cat like reflexes.




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