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“Trying to finish the season would have created more havoc and financial challenges for the NL teams”

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Dom Roman – @DomRoman

“6/10” That was my response on Tuesday morning to our daily work zoom meeting (as entertaining as it sounds). The question? What’s our general mood out of 10. I may have pushed to a 7, but the weather had turned and in the present situation a 6 seems about right. One colleague said ’10 out of 10′ this week, on a Monday as well. I couldn’t believe it to be honest…if this is perfect life at the moment then your normality is A) clearly a bit dull and B) you are not a sports fan. I can only imagine it was a positive response to avoid any further questioning from the boss. But 10…really?!

No need to feel sympathy for me mind, even if we were at work as usual I’d probably only stretch to a 7! Personally myself and my family are doing okay. I can’t lie – Cbeebies has been utilised more often than we would like, but when you’re trying to keep kids happy for 12 hours of a day then something has got to give! Even the Primary School teachers show educational programming from the channel anyway…well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! And Waffle the Wonder Dog is still a favourite…our 2 year old is entranced when the talking canine is on. It’s a dreadful programme in reality with terribly hammy acting…not a patch on Gentle Ben for sure (one for the slightly older readers out there) but it’ll do for now.

Going back to the ‘mood rating’. Could we do anything to improve your 6? was the zoom response? I should have thought it through…but my immediate response was “give me football”, followed fairly swiftly by thoughts about missing friends and family in the flesh. I shouldn’t have prioritised football, however that was my gut instinct. Football, friends and family are all entwined to me, it’s a rich tapestry. I then pushed the positive button by discussing the good health of me and the family…well best to finish on a high note. I was still shaking my head throughout the morning though, a f##king 10, REALLY!

Anyway in the world of Torquay United, we should have been playing Hartlepool (a) at the weekend and probably drawing 2-2 to finish the season around 13th. No disrespect to the current squad, but talk of a late play-off push seemed like pie in the sky to me. Like me being woken up at 6.30 by the kids, we were just not ready! Too many weaknesses to forge consistency and make us any more than mid-table in 2019-20. Instead the season was announced as cancelled, which infuriated Gary Johnson, who was clearly desperate to get games played when possible and bring some joy to the Yellow Army.

Bless him for that, but I’m not sure any other decision could have been made. Trying to finish the season would have created more havoc and financial challenges for the National League teams, especially considering it may only be done behind closed doors. No supporters, means no revenue and with TV money very minimal, the incentives just weren’t there. We can only hope that 2020-21 can be started before too long…but of course only when it is safe to proceed. Meanwhile the National League are debating play-offs being played; play-offs that could have a winner that doesn’t get promoted! With the Football League yet to decide, it’s all a bit of a mess. 5th placed Boreham Wood have already voted against it, so we’ll see how that pans out. We’ll be mid-table whatever!

At TorquayTalk we’ve had a busy spell of writing. I asked contributors for…contributions and they’ve responded heroically. My piece regarding the ‘nearly men’ 07-08 season was hugely enjoyable to write. Our spare room (now study) also houses my collection of programmes and they have caught my eye whilst I’ve been toiling over e-mails and spreadsheets! Apart from that we’ve had more Top 10s, Dream Teams and Gullacticos’ – amongst other things. Every blog is written with love, and if it provides you good people with some enjoyment during these testing times then I am happy. We’ll keep it coming, and I’ve got a lovely season review piece from Clive Hayward ready for later in the week. If you have a WordPress account you can follow TT and get every article sent straight to your e-mail. One article I haven’t shared around otherwise is below:

The World Cup of TUFC kits was an entertaining way to engage the Yellows of Twitter and in the end the youthful influence of the tweeters told I think! We really have had a number of cracking shirts over the years, and I’d love to see the club look into some kind of retro range next season (whenever that may be). Shirts are being snapped up on Ebay and in general supporters are loving retro up and down the land. They’ll fly off the shelves Clarke…honest! My personal favourites? 1991ish Yellow and White stripes – what a beauty. Also the 1995ish le coq sportif design is a classic – so smart you would be proud wearing that to any game.  

Three contributors I’d like to mention in particular are Joe Uggs, Rachel Malloch and my old mate Rich Heesem. All three work for the NHS in different capacities, and all three have been putting in the hours to help this wonderful institution operate. I am proud to call these guys my friends and hope to buy them a nice drink at the Gulls Nest sometime. They deserve it. Our WhatsApp group has been a bubble of football talk to take us all away from standard lockdown life, and that’s appreciated. Even if some debates have become repetitive it’s still an enjoyable place to be. Regular contributor Matty Hayward has been running a TT quiz on Twitter every week and his questions are very well thought-out, so check that out if you can. Ben Currie is our quizmaster, the man seems to be able to answer everything!

Before I go I thought I’d chuck some recommendations on here, I don’t have a lot of time to spare but some things have caught my eye (and ears!):





Cheers all!

COYY – Dom


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