TUFC Tweets of the Week – 16th Feb 2020

Rich Heesem

Rich Heesem @RichHeesem

Tweets of the week returns! This week due to very stormy conditions Rich Heesem is purveying this weeks TUFC Twitter for the top 5 tweets.

So storm Dennis has beaten most of the non league fixtures this weekend.  Very sensibly our game away to Wrexham was called off on Friday.  So we go another weekend without football.  

Let’s have some Tweets to stop me rambling on shall we?

5 – What could have been

If only we could have got this guy signed to #tufc when he was on loan.  What a difference he would have made.

4 – Winter break?

Winter is boring enough without having games called off for bad weather.  Feels like an age since the Gulls last played.


3 – Monday blues

If you feel down on a cold damp and windswept Monday morning, well any morning really then just watch this!

2 – Lorraine

Torquay United is full of loyal fans and workers who will do everything they can to support the club through thick and thin.  A sad announcement indeed, our thoughts go out to Lorraine’s family, she will be sorely missed at Plainmoor in the number 10’s restaurant I’m sure.  50 years of service should not go without recognition.

1 – Valentine’s poetry

We asked for your best roses are red poems, this was an absolute corker. Bravo!


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