My TUFC Dream Team by Joe Uglow

“A great servant to the club and one of the best headers of the ball I’ve ever seen” – Joe on Hilly

With no match verdict to write this weekend, Joe Uglow instead turned his hand to picking his TUFC Dream Team:


Joe Uglow – @Joe_Ugs

“My Torquay ‘Dream Team’ from the last 17 years of supporting the Gulls which started with the 2003/04 promotion season, not a bad time to start! If only I’d been warned that it wouldn’t be like that every season!”


Few candidates for this, Scotty Bevan was a huge player for us under Buckle and had some cracking games. A save from point-blank range at home against Lincoln City sticks out as one of the best saves I’ve ever seen live. Another keeper worth a mention is Andy Marriott, had we signed him sooner in the 04/05 season I’m sure he would have kept us in League One. However for me the best keeper of my last 17 years at Plainmoor has to be Bobby Olejnik. Bobby was immense under Ling and a big part of the reason we kept 20 clean sheets in the 11-12 season, deserved his move to Peterborough at the time and would love to see him back at Plainmoor one day!

Right Back

Bit of a tough one this, as we’ve not had a huge amount of specialist right backs over the years and some of the better options have been make-shift right backs; Lee Mansell, Chris Robertson, Aman Verma, Joe Oastler, to name a few. Of course there’s current right back Ben Wynter who has gone from strength to strength over the last two seasons and was responsible for one of the best moments in recent years away at Woking. My favourite right back though has to be Lee Canoville, who was immense in our 03/04 promotion season.

Left Back

Brian McGlinchey, was a 7/10 every week and was a big part of that 03/04 promotion side. It was a real shame that injury cut short his career. Obviously special mention to Kevin Nicholson who had an absolute wand of a left foot, but McGlinchey gets the nod for me.

Centre Halves

Looking back over the years, we’ve had a few decent centre halves! Guy Branston was a real ‘Head it, Kick it’ centre half which is just what we needed at the time under Buckle. Mark Ellis and Chris Robertson were also both solid centre halves that have gone on to have good careers in the EFL, and Angus MacDonald is probably one of the better footballing centre halves that we have seen at Plainmoor in recent years. But my two favourite centre halves have to be Steve Woods and Craig Taylor, a great partnership. Woods’ footballing ability & positional sense really complimented Taylor’s ability to head and kick anything that came his way. They both seemed to pop up with some crucial goals as well!

Right Wing

Few players in the running here; Wayne Carlisle, who had a brilliant right foot and of course put in the cross for Sills against Cambridge at Wembley. Then there was Danny Stevens who really thrived under Buckle and was instrumental in our win over Yeovil in the FA Cup. But for me it has to be Jamie Ward, although not here long (Cheers Chris Roberts you w*nker!) he was a stand out player for us and it wasn’t a surprise that he went on to play his football far higher up the football pyramid, representing Northern Ireland as well.

Left Wing

Kevin Hill; ‘Mr Torquay United’ – a great servant to the club and one of the best headers of the ball I’ve ever seen. Loved his goal at home to Stockport when he hid behind the Goalkeeper! Special mention to Muzzy Carayol who I would have probably picked instead had he been a bit more consistent!

Alex Russell – Photo Courtesy of the Herald Express

Centre Midfield

For me four players stick out for this position; Chris Hargreaves, Jason Fowler, Eunan O’Kane & Alex Russell. A very tough choice out of these four but I think I have to go for O’Kane and Aggy, easily the two best players I’ve seen at Torquay in my life-time. Perhaps you could say it’s a little lightweight, so maybe bring on the other two if we’re defending a lead!


David Graham; one of the most natural finishers I’ve seen at Plainmoor, and was instrumental in our promotion season. A real shame that we sold him as he could have scored some vital goals to keep us in League One. Up front with him I would have Adebayo Akinfenwa. ‘Bayo’ was great for us in League One; big, strong and surprisingly quick, defences didn’t quite know how to handle him (and still don’t!).


Few contenders for this; Gary Johnson for what he did for us last season after the horrific OwersBall period, Leroy Rosenior for giving me one of the best away day experiences at Southend, Martin Ling, the football we played under Ling was really enjoyable to watch and I am glad to see that he’s managed to return to football at Orient and enjoying some success there too. My favourite manager of the last 17 years though has to be Paul Buckle, just loved his determination and winning mentality that spread across the club from the minute he walked in the door. Left under a bit of a cloud, but as he alludes to in his recent interview with TorquayTalk (see link below) I’m not sure how much of it was his doing.


Paul Buckle – Photo Courtesy of the Herald Express


(I’m going to go with 7 as per EFL rules, as this side would definitely hold it’s own in League One!)

Scott Bevan
Guy Branston
Kevin Nicholson
Chris Hargreaves
Jason Fowler
Muzzy Carayol
Rene Howe

My Dream Team:


Canoville – Woods – Taylor – McGlinchey

Ward – Russell – O’Kane – Hill

Akinfenwa – Graham

IMG-20190604-WA0008.jpg – @TORQUAYTALK

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