TUFC Tweets of the Week – 10th Jan 20


Sam Jones – @samuellejones

Happy new year, and happy new decade to Gulls fans everywhere! It was a tough Christmas period, with goals flying in left, right and centre. But at least we broke our losing streak! Silver linings and all that.

Let’s have some of the best Tweets from the passed seven days then, shall we?

5 – Fairwell, Gambian Prince.

Saikou Janneh will always be a Gulls legend. His goal-scoring exploits of last season will never be forgotten by the Yellow Army. Unfortunately, this loan spell was not quite as successful but he has already won over the hearts and minds of Torquay fans everywhere.

4 – The club has a lot to answer for.

Torquay United’s communication is crap at the best of times, but their attitude towards the Trust is exceptionally bad. Despite not bothering anyone, the Trust were asked to leave the premises which is not a good look for the club. Let’s hope it is cleared up soon.

3 – Favourite? Dream on…

We’ve all been enjoying the TorquayTalk Podcast haven’t we? Two of the three we’re at the Dagenham game on Saturday and people we’re keen to hear their thoughts on the Gulls. Don’t we already get that enough?

2 – Once a Gull, always a Gull.

Jason Banton? More like Jason Banter, am I right?!?! The winger, who know plays for the Tamplin circus, was a complete flop during his spell at Plainmoor and was rightly binned off by Gary at the earliest opportunity.

1 – The full back banter period continues.

Jake Andrews playing at left-back against Dagenham is just one in a very long line of Torquay midfielders playing at full back. Frank Vincent, Sam Chaney and Aman Verma are the other, not even to mention Manse. Very soon it’s going to become the defining trait of the club.


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