End of Year Qs with the TT team


We asked the TT contributors about their ‘TUFC 2019’ and looked ahead to 2020



Highlights of 2019? 

1 – As a single moment of 2019, the drama of Ben Wynter’s goal at Woking cannot be beat, no need to explain that one.

2 – Overall just seeing the team play with attacking flair and always looking to entertain and score goals in front of big crowds – no more boring 0-1 losses at Plainmoor! 

3 – Doing the website and meeting new contributors and new TUFC friends…socially the footie has never been better. 

Lowlights of 2019?

1 – Yeovil (a). An abysmal performance on a wet day in a standing area with no roof, I should have known better!

2 – The cup loss to Maidstone was a bitter pill to swallow, as our pathetic cup record continues.

Top players of 2019?

1 – Jamie Reid – Dynamite.

2 – Ben Wynter – Consistent.

3 – Connor Lemonheigh-Evans – Baller.

Predictions for 2020?

Can I predict that it’ll be unpredictable?! A year of GJ squad tinkering, continuing defensive problems, but also a TUFC team evolving and poised for a proper NL promotion push in 2020-21…whilst still getting somehow knocked out in the FA Cup 1st round!

New Year’s resolutions for TUFC?

On the pitch – balance our attacking intent out with increased defensive solidity…then we’ll have a decent team on our hands! Oh and can everyone stop getting injured, thank you.

Off the pitch – engage more with supporters (including TUST), no need to keep us at arms length and it’s very unlikely, but get a proper supporter on the United board. 



Highlights of 2019?

1 – Winning the title at home to Eastbourne and then receiving the trophy a week later against Hungerford. My highlight of the decade.

2 – Beating Stockport away. It was the most complete and exciting Torquay performance I’ve seen since we were challenging for promotion from League 2. We dominated from start to finish.

Lowlights of 2019?

1 – The terrible luck we’ve had with injuries this season. Without this we’d be challenging for the top spot.

2 – Maidstone in the FA Cup. I thought we’d breeze past a team in the league below but we never turned up on the day. This game started the run of defeats which pretty much derailed our promotion push. Hopefully with the win over Woking we’ve turned a corner.

3 – The disappointment of Manny Duku. Had high hopes for a pairing of him and Reid for this season. Alas, we know how that one worked out. The longer he went without a goal the more bereft of confidence he looked.

Top players of 2019?

Jamie Reid: There’s nothing to say about him that hasn’t already been said, a player who has defied expectations since Johnson took over.

Ben Whitfield: By far our best new signing this season. Unfortunately, given his obvious ability I think he’ll be off in the summer as he can do better than this league.

Ben Wynter: Progressed massively this year and has proven himself at this level. Given his age it’s likely he’ll be in the Football League before too long if he continues to develop at his current rate.

Predictions for 2020?

I predicted we’d finish 8th at the start of the season. I’ll stick with that. This will be despite us selling Reid in January (hopefully I’m wrong). By the end of 2020 a much-changed squad will be firmly embedded in the play-offs, hopefully with Gary Johnson still as manager.

New Year’s resolutions for TUFC?

Start Ruairi Keating more!



Highlights of 2019? 

1 – Woking (a), obviously. One of the best footballing days of my life. Just unbelievable scenes.

2 – Also Stockport (a) and Halifax (a) were great fun – felt like we were properly asserting ourselves as title contenders (that may well have worn off a bit since).

3 – Chelmsford (h) last season and Woking (h) this week were fantastic games of football with a great home atmosphere.

4 – Obviously all of Reidy’s goals.

Lowlights of 2019?

1 – Well, obviously Yeovil (a). Truly one of the worst performances I’ve seen from a Yellows team, and it was in the pissing rain (BUILD A ROOF!!!!).

2 – Bath away was a great day out ruined by a crap performance.

3 – Those awful gold flags.

Top players of 2019?

Roughly in this order: Reidy, Benny Wynts, Benny Whits. All done pretty well in a less village league than last season.

Predictions for 2020?

I said we’d finish 5th before the season started. I’ll stick with that. Will depend on our luck with injury improving; our defence shoring up; and whether Lloyd James gets anywhere near our midfield again.

New Year’s resolutions for TUFC?

1 – Stop rotating the ‘keepers – just pick Mac.

2 – Stop defending like tools: probably trust Niate and pray that Liam Davis gets back ASAP

3 – Carry on with the FA Trophy: it’s a laugh and can springboard a season.

4 – Keep. Hold. Of. Reidy.



Highlights of 2019?

Wynter’s equaliser Woking away.

Lowlights of 2019?

Losing to Maidstone in FA Cup, really hoped for better cup fortunes under GJ, result as disappointing as it was inevitable.

Top players of 2019?

1 – Jamie Reid

2 – Ben Wynter

3 – Jake Andrews

Our 3 most consistent performers throughout 2019 in both leagues.

Predictions for 2020?

If we can get the better of our injury list there’s every chance we will have an exciting end to the season at the right end of the table. Probably got too much to do to finish top but top 5 is easily achievable still.

New Year’s resolutions for TUFC?

Do not, under any circumstance, sell Jamie Reid. Pick a goalkeeper and play him until the end of the season. Play as many players in their best positions as possible.




Highlights of 2019?

It’s got to be Woking away hasn’t it? I know we won the league, but this was the greatest away day in Yellows history. We were dreadful for the whole 90 minutes, and we only came away with a point but the drama was magnificent. Not only did that pretty much secure the title, and Gerring got sent off, but Wynter wrote himself into Yellows history with that goal and that celebration. And getting one over Woking is always nice.

Lowlights of 2019?

It’s rare to say this, but there really haven’t been many low-points this year. When was the last time that happened?!?!! If I had to pick one it has to be the injury list we had in November/December that’s led to some pretty poor form. We had something like 8 first team players out, at one stage. I’d like to see another team struggle with that many out and still keep form. But I’m clutching at straws a bit, which is nice to say!

Top players of 2019?

1 – Jamie Reid

What a year for Jamie Reid. Finishing top scorer in the NLS, and winning player of the season is a pretty special achievement. Then to carry that form over to the National League, where he’s never really had much success before. But my word he’s dominant. He’s still scoring every type of goal under the sun and doing it with a smile on his face. What a player he’s turned into.

2 – Jake Andrews

Mr Consistent has had a great year. His goals and assists tallies tend to go under the radar but he seems to always play well. An asset on the left or in the middle of the park, what a coup it was for him to sign with us permanently.

3 – Ben Wynter

Ben Wynter will be playing in the League in the next couple of years. Hopefully with us. He’s continued his great form from last season into this one and always puts in a 7/10 performance. After years of dodgy right backs, we finally have a good one.

Predictions for 2020?

If we can stay fit, and keep Reid, I reckon we’ll make the play-offs. We’re not good enough for the title, but in the play-offs it’s a lottery so anything can happen. We’re better than most of the teams in the division, so hopefully we can show it next year.

Oh, and probably more loan signings because why not.

New Year’s resolutions for TUFC?

1 – KEEP REIDY. I can’t stress this enough. At the moment, he’s the best striker in the League. Our whole attack revolved his strength, running and finishing. I’m sure a big club will come calling, and I wouldn’t blame him for having his head turned. But we need him.

2 – Learn to grind out games. We have a very talented squad but we are a very young squad. We seem to only blow teams away, or capitulate. The best teams always win games while playing badly and we don’t seem to be able to do that. Having Hall and James around will help with that, but that’s something we need to learn.

3 – Stay Fit. This is much easier said than done, but injuries have killed us this season. We need to stop pushing players in who are not ready yet. Hall, Reidy and the Lemon are prime examples of this.

Andy C


Highlights of 2019?

Plenty of them but No 1 has to be Woking away. I was unable to go but the celebration on the bus when Ben Wynter scored almost landed me in handcuffs!

Others worth recognition include Ruairi Keating’s late winner at East Thurrock, Kyle Cameron’s bullet header at Concord Rangers on what was probably the pivotal day of the season and when the Champions DVD landed on my doormat.

Lowlights of 2019?

Losing at Maidstone in the FA Cup and losing Liam Davis to injury the same day.

Signing Manny Duku (hindsight lowlight).

Top players of 2019?

Jamie Reid
Liam Davis
Ben Whitfield

Predictions for 2020?

Mid-table obscurity.

Robbie Cundy is replaced by a defender who can…well…defend.

Jamie Reid pledges his future to the Gulls on a lifetime contract.

New Year’s resolutions for TUFC?

Defend the goal…score the goals.



Highlights of 2019?

Torquay 4 – 1 Woking. Took the pressure off all of us and the perfect late Christmas present on the back of the Boxing Day trouncing. Always good beating thug-life.

Lowlights of 2019?

Yeovil away – the defence opened as did the rain clouds and a 6-2 defeat that could have been so much more.

Top players of 2019?

1 – Ben Wynter

2 – Ben Whitfield

3 – Jamie Reid

Predictions for 2020?

With returning players from injury some stability in mid-table and who knows? A late play-offs surge.

New Year’s resolutions for TUFC?

An experienced centre half, a competent left back, someone to bolster our attacking options and if there is a possibility that there’s one out there in January transfers land, a goalkeeper.



Highlights of 2019?

1 – Woking 3 TUFC 3 – do I really need to say any more. Complete depression to elation in a crazy last 10 mins. Ben Wynter is a god!

2 – Winning the league at home to Eastbourne, what a moment for the team and all those fans that had to put up with some dross over the last few years.

3 – Lifting the NLS cup at home to Hungerford. We are the champions ringing out around the ground and confirmation that TUFC were alive and kicking again. Thank you Gary Johnson!

Lowlights of 2019?

Injuries – they have absolutely blighted our season so far, with no sign of our jinx lifting anytime soon.

Inconsistent tactics – have to say I never thought I’d question Lord Sir Gary but some of his and the coaching staff have made some odd decisions in our return to the National League. 3-5-2 no thanks, swapping of keepers is ridiculous and unfortunately the treatment of some players seems to be unfair (thinking Keating in the main).

Duku – much promise when signed so we were told. No promise returned, end of!

Top players of 2019?

1 – Jamie Reid – he simply scores goals!

2 – Ben Wynter – our most promising right back in the last 10 years, some call it a decade I think!

3 – Jake Andrews – midfield goals and assists man. So under-rated!

Predictions for 2020?

Still think we will come good in 2020. We will make the playoffs and just miss out on promotion. We will regroup in the summer and build a title winning squad for the 2020/21 season!

Jamie Reid will be sold in the summer not in January as a lot are predicting.

New Year’s resolutions for TUFC?

Don’t sell JR in January and stop rushing back players before they are fully fit. Oh and try and sign an experienced centre back to sit alongside Kyle Cameron.


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2 thoughts on “End of Year Qs with the TT team

  1. Nice effort but with hardly a mention of who many would consider our most consistent player and arguably the most missed since injured Liam Davis. Jake Andrews has been fine but ahead of Liam Davis over the last 18 months? So Andy Charles well done for plascing him in the top three and recognising what a great player he has been for us!


  2. It’s been a real pleasure to have this blog to read this year, especially for an exiled supporter like me. It absolutely enriches football culture in general. Thank you to each and every contributor. Surely the highlight of 2019 was winning a league for the first time since the 1920s though?!!


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