TUFC Tweets of the Week – 08/11/19


Sam Jones – @samuellejones

Another week, another 3 points. The Gulls decided to stick 4 past Halifax to keep us moving in the right direction. Reidy can’t stop scoring, the football is beautiful and Gary is as amazng as ever. But isn’t something missing?

Thats right, the tweets of the week!

5 – Gary Johnson’s Yellow Army!

We all know how good this squad is, and how good Gary is as a manager. Our injuries were mounting up and players were dropping like flies, but has that affected us? Not a chance…

4 – Let’s keep spreading lies…

Jamie Reid is the best striker in the division this season, so of course he’s getting attention. If we are to keep him, we need to convince others that he’s not very good.

3 – Just like watching Brazil!

Torquay United, also known as Brazil of the Westcountry, are the second top scoring team in the top five divisions of English football. Take that Pep.

2 – Owers oversaw his own Texit.

Ah Gravy Gary, comfortably one of the worst managers in recent United history. He oversaw Torquay’s relegation to the NLS and seemed to have a passion for Gravy. The Sam Allardyce of Non-League?

1 – Super Angus MacDonald!

A modern Torquay legend, Angus has not had the easiest of times. After a nasty injury saw him out for a while at Hull, he announced to the world that he was suffering from cancer. But what a fighter the man is, we are all behind you!


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