TT Match Preview – Weston-super-Mare AFC by Liam Drury

“I think that the lack of a leader on the pitch has hurt us when the going’s been getting tough”

Weston-super-Mare AFC man Liam Drury returns to answer the TT questions once more on the struggling Seagulls:

Hi Liam thanks for doing another Q&A, remind us a bit about yourself and your involvement with WSM AFC?

So, I’ve been a Weston regular for four years now after getting involved with the media side of things at the club. Last summer, we expanded to a marketing team, and now I’m second-in-command within that area of the club, as well as running social media for the club, writing match reports and match previews as well as interviewing players and management for the programme.

WSM played well against TUFC in October, what are your memories of the game?

I’d be lying if the vivid memory of Brad Ash scoring that late equaliser didn’t spring to mind, as well as the bin throwing and the yellow army of Torquay fans in that game! Overall, that’s been one of our highlights of the season; managing to go toe-to-toe with a full-time team and almost getting the better of them.

It’s looking bleak for your team this season, what do you think are the main reasons for your struggles?

I think that the lack of a leader has hurt us when the going’s been getting tough. Earlier on in the season, we may have got away with it but now it’s really starting to show and we need that experienced pro who’s been there, done that, organises people and can prove to be an experienced head. But in this day and age, those players are in high demand because there isn’t too many going around!

Photo courtesy of Will.T.Photography

What’s your recent form been like?

From New Year, we picked up some momentum and only lost one game in January out of five (a 2 – 3 loss to Billericay) but then two games got postponed and we seem to have lost some momentum in the league, losing to both Woking and Chippenham in the past two games.

Which players should we look out for and why?

Jarrad Welch is probably the main one (think I mentioned him last time!) He got injured in the FA Cup First Round and sat out for three months, but since coming back, he’s recovered his form and got a goal as well as Man of the Match in the past two league games. I think the Bristol City loan trio at the back of George Nurse, Tom Harrison and Aaron Parsons is going to be an interesting one up against the likes of Janneh, Lemonheigh-Evans and Andrews. Nursey’s great when going forward and he has some serious talent. Harrison’s been solid since arriving at the start of January and he looks like a future Football League defender to me. Parsons has done his job when called upon too.

Is your gaffer still the right man for the job and is he under pressure due to the club’s league position?

I’m not one to comment on the manager’s position, but football is a cut-throat industry and any football manager can come under pressure with a few bad results.

Fair enough Liam! Will you bring many supporters down to Plainmoor?

I doubt it, we’ll be lucky to manage 30!

Photo courtesy of Will.T.Photography

If relegation becomes a reality what impact will it have on the club and can you bounce back?

Reality is, we’ll lose most of our players. Player for player, we’ve probably got some of the best in the league. Taunton, Truro, Torquay, Chippenham, Gloucester, Forest Green would all come sniffing around I expect, for the right players!

Which opposition teams and players have impressed you most this season and why?

I’ve been most impressed with Billericay, if I’m being honest. They look very good going forward and not bad at the back. Woking have also looked good too with their high-press working both times against us. In regards to players, I’m not too sure I could name too many who have been impressive, I haven’t seen the Torquay attack in full flow just yet! Most impressive player I’ve probably seen in an individual game though is Michael Herve down at Truro, for a player on non-contract there, he looks like he could play higher!

TUFC will be massive favourites on Saturday to win convincingly – what’s your prediction for the game at Plainmoor?

I hope it’s not as easy as some people like to think! Hopefully we’re up for playing in front of a big crowd, happened a fair few times this season, but I don’t think we’ll nab the three points from this one. Having said that though, we’re normally better against the good sides and like to cause an upset or two (Ebbsfleet, Dartford and Braintree know what we’re on about!). Thanks Liam, I was impressed by your team in October and I’m surprised things haven’t gone better since. Good luck for the future. Dom


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