TT Player Ratings February 19

Sam d

Sam Druiff – @samdruiff

“Kalvin’s one of the players in our team who looks like he always has the capability to make something happen”

Sam discusses February’s performances from Gary Johnson’s team and reveals our seventh ‘TT Player of the Month’ for 18-19:

No. Name and February TT Rating


1) Kalvin Lumbombo-Kalala – 6.9

What a revelation this lad has been. He is one of the most exciting players I’ve seen this season. One of his best traits is how he plays with no fear, with the freedom to express himself. Kalvin’s one of the players in our team who looks like he always has the capability to make something happen. He’s got a great understanding with both Liam Davis and Ben Wynter, and can seamlessly switch flanks to suit the game. He’s a player that makes a difference and can create something out of nothing.

Man of the Match – Dulwich and E Thurrock

2) Jamie Reid – 6.8

So frequently one of the best performers this season. Two more goals on Saturday, the second being one of the most assured penalties I’ve seen in a long time. We’ve said it so many times, but he really is a different player; so confident in front of goal, and links up brilliantly with Janneh and the rest of the team. He has changed so many opinions at the club, and although Johnson has a lot to do with that – Jamie has done so well to change it around.

Man of the Match – Welling and Hemel (joint)

3) Saikou Janneh – 6.8

Our young wizard. Granted, once every 3 or 4 games he doesn’t quite turn up, but when he’s playing well Saikou is unplayable. His finishing is top draw, and one of my favourite traits he possesses is always being in the right place at the right time, and for me that is one of the hardest challenges for a young striker to manage. He is gloriously selfish as well! For years we have had strikers who are afraid to shoot, or leave it too late; Saikou is always desperate to score for the gaffer.

Man of the Match – Hemel (joint)

Photo courtesy of Dennis Kallmer

4) Asa Hall – 6.8

Captain Marvel. For me, our most important player this year. It is so noticeable when he doesn’t play, as the team lose so much shape and discipline without him. He reminds me so much of Lee Mansell under Martin Ling, Asa covers every blade of grass twice and holds the whole team together.

5) Ben Wynter – 6.8

What a turnaround. When Gary Johnson was clearing out the ‘hangers on’ I really thought Wynter was next out, but he has completely turned his Torquay career on its head. Ben’s become so much more dependable at the back and going forward adds a good option to the United attack. His crossing has come on heaps and bounds, and his link-up play with Kalala and Andrews is perfect. A rough diamond, but a top player.

6) Connor Lemonheigh-Evans – 6.4

Connor goes about his business quietly, he never finishes the game as the standout player, and for me he frequently tries to do too much. Having said that, he gets the ball down and plays, always looking to take the ball forward. His assist for Janneh’s goal on Saturday was beautiful and selfless.

Dulwich Feb 19

7) Shaun MacDonald – 6.4

Shaun MacDonald is a man who can do little wrong for me; he is a superb shot stopper. On occasions his inexperience is evident, but he has an assured back four in front of him.

8) Frankie Vincent – 6.3

I’ll start by saying what a name! Honestly sounds like he should be a cockney crime king, or a main character in a heist film… anyway, there’s not an awful lot I can say about him yet. I have only seen his cameo against Dulwich on Saturday, but I was very impressed. Seems to be a quick, skilful player who can play both centrally out wide – smart addition.

9) Kyle Cameron – 6.3

Our usually Mr Reliable, I wasn’t there to witness his sending off, and that’s meant a frustrating two game absence where his presence has been missed. I forget he is only 22 years old, he must be learning so much from every game, and he will be some player. For me he is better when he is paired with Niate. I absolutely don’t mean that disrespectfully to JSW, but Kyle and Jean have a better partnership.

10) Jake Andrews – 6.1

Jake is one of those who almost slips under the radar. The City youngster doesn’t get as much recognition as he maybe deserves. He does such a fabulous job on the wing, considering he is a central player. The only slight frustration I have with Jake is his lack of a right foot!

The Rest

11) Liam Davis 6.0

12) Jean-Yves Koue Niate 6.0

13) Ruairi Keating 5.9

14) Jamie Sendles-White 5.1

Welling game
Welling Feb 19 – Photo courtesy of Dennis Kallmer

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1) TT Rating is the average of the ratings (out of 10) from the TT Match Verdicts
2) Players only included if they have been rated in 50% or more of TUFC games
3) Players only rated in games if they have played more than 10 minutes

TT Player of the Month roll-call

August – Liam Davis

September – Jamie Reid

October – Jamie Reid

November – Connor Lemonheigh-Evans

December – Kyle Cameron

January – Asa Hall

February – Kalvin Kalala




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