#TUFC Tweets of the Week 13th Aug 2018


Rich Heesem – @RichHeesem

Well what a week that was! So the season has started and as I write we are sitting pretty in the top half of the league after a draw and 2 wins. Haven’t conceeded a goal yet either, you would think the yellow army would be happy with that. Despite the points on the board we have been pretty awful so far. You can tell it’s a team of individuals that don’t truly know each other yet. But we will get better over time I hope and as the players get to know each other we will hopefully see some better tactics and formations.

I won’t be holding my breath on that last point though. Owers still showing no signs of changing his style of football so we actually frighten teams with pacey wingers. But if we are gaining points and not playing well then I suppose we shouldn’t complain should we?

So last weekend I became another year older and wiser! So Dominic my best mate and editor of this blog usually tries to get my birthday read out at Plainmoor as the season generally starts near my birthday. I think most Tufc fans on twitter know the story by now. A simple tweet by Dom saying how ridiculous it was that the club was charging £20 to have an announcement at half time led to a fellow Tufc fan James Murphy generously donating to charity meant former player and manager Kevin Nicholson turned up to my door to hand deliver a card.

Thanks to all involved and eventually my birthday was read out by the club on Tuesday night after fellow TT blogger Sam Druiff made some calls. Cheers Sam!

Anyway onto the tweets of the week!

5 – TUFC Seating Plan (Nothing changes..)

4 – TUFC Love Island

3 – TUFC Rebuilding

2 – TUFC Attendance

1 – TUFC Birthday Shout Out


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