#TUFC Tweets of the Fortnight 30th July 18


Rich Heesem – @RichHeesem

Well it’s safe to say this week has been a tad controversial. Why, why, why do we do this to ourselves. This season should have been about rebuilding a team that’s fit for promotion back to the National League and getting some stability back at the club and also trying to encourage fans back to the club.

Instead we first have the news that we will be ground sharing with Truro. Which in my opinion is a complete travesty for the club’s loyal fans and season ticket holders who have been duped for the last few months. This must have been agreed at the end of last season or soon after as soon as the National League authorities knew about the request to make sure our fixtures were aligned both sets of fans should have been informed. This is all smells of cloak and dagger arrangements that have no benefits for the fans but greatly benefit the owner’s. Wrong in so many ways.

Then the new stadium plans come out a few days later. The fact we name a youth cup to a Mayor that probably doesn’t even know where Plainmoor is was sickening enough on its own. A few days later it all makes sense as Osborne announced a plan for a £40 million multi purpose stadium at the Mayor’s forum.

This mayor is absolutely clueless about what the people of Torbay want and need. Apparently we need a helicopter pad, a new train station at Edginswell, a new skyscraper hotel down by the marina and a multi purpose events stadium on the site of the former dump in the Willows. Let’s hope none of these ideas can get passed before Torbay loses its elected mayor for good in May next year.

As for the stadium itself well it’s a complete pipe dream that I’m 99% sure will never get approval in a million years. Although the South West is crying out for a music arena as no band seems to travel past Bristol. One that is situated right in a highly populated residential area is not the answer. This all smacks of the Coventry situation from a few years ago and feels like we are in a dire situation both on the pitch and off it. I wish I was here to just talk about the beginning of the new season but it appears that has been ruined by a couple of daydream believers and Geoff Harrop who certainly isn’t a homecoming queen.

Anyway my season ticket is ready to collect onto the madness of another season at TUFC.

So onto my tweets of the fortnight.

5 – TUFC We don’t need a new stadium!

4 – TUFC Foster

3 – TUFC The Unprofessionals

2 – TUFC Architecture!

1 – TUFC Groundshare


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