The TT Weekly Blog 23rd Feb 18

Dom Roman – @DomRoman

Ok no messing around, let’s dig straight into that Sutton match shall we (how much heart-break can we take Yellow Army?!). The team did improve, not much but the reintroduction of Romain alone gave us some more vim and vigour around the pitch. He was my man of the match. Sammy D picked Luke Young, which is fine but completely wrong on the night in my opinion (sorry Sam) – as Editor I resisted the urge to change the ratings – don’t want to put the young lad off!

So we had more in our locker upfront (Brett’s goal was a lovely hit with the left pegger), but at the other end appeared even more fragile. Sokolik looked scared stiff without Gowling and Balatoni (and Davis for that matter) looked half-asleep without Gowling! Bless him McGinty did step up his efforts for the good of the team, you can tell these defeats hurt him as much as anyone, and he was quick to berate the Sutton chap for winding up the Popside at the end. Well done Sean.

Josh looks God-like when he’s not on the pitch, big holes start appearing in our back three and chances present themselves to the opposition. Lack of talking again, nobody taking responsibility again (bar Gints) and Dorel left exposed (again). Owers can’t seem to organise them without Josh, mind you he can’t seem to organise anyone!

Onto our under-fire manager, who has clearly lost everyone’s patience with his poor coaching and infuriating post-match interviews. F##k off said TT guest tweeter Sam on Tuesday (tut tut!) and f##k off said National Obsession this week on their podcast. I think most people would agree at the moment. Two massive games and two massive disappointments, where Gary was out-coached in both and his negative don’t lose approach ending up with yet more defeats. Still at least he takes responsibility, oh wait that is the last thing the guy does. There is no hint Owers will be leaving any time soon. He’s clearly Harrop’s choice in the National League or the National League South and that is a depressing thought isn’t it?

I have started to reluctantly accept the fate of the NLS (even my optimism has its limits)and have been looking at the sort of attendances teams get down there. WSM, Truro and Bath City will be rubbing their hands in anticipation of the Yellow Army coming to visit – their attendances may double and some local #awaydays may be the only positive thing next season. If the schedule allows and if relegation happens, then I’ll be there to sample some hospitality. I just hope we have a team who can beat those boys!

The dreaded drop brings me back to the TUST again, sorry but I will keep mentioning them – I think Chris Fleet’s tweet below hit the nail on the head perfectly. So perfectly that I don’t need to go on!

The state of the National League show’s several clubs on the brink, and it has been fascinating speaking to other fans in my recent Match Preview interviews. (It’s been a feature I’ve thought about adding to TT for a little while) It’s surprising how much pessimism that the fans have, even though their clubs are well up the league and much of that is down to the ownership.

The Daggers have found themselves cast into trouble by a businessman suddenly deciding to pull the rug, but instead of waving the white flag they are negotiating deals for players and keeping a group who can still play with pride on the pitch. Meanwhile at Macclesfield John Askey is working miracles on a tiny budget, and with wages recently paid late who knows what the future holds for them – even if they are promoted.

What is different with those teams is the togetherness of the players. They come together to get results, something that our lot simply don’t do. We have no continuity, no youth players who love the club and for many of them, no huge concerns about their TUFC future. You’ve seen that in the last two games, when team-mates have not bust a gut to help each other out and the opposition want it more. If Owers stays at Plainmoor then he must find characters who will sweat everything for the Yellow Army and fight until the bitter end in matches. I hope this doesn’t mean signing up half of Bath City’s XI!

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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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