The TT Weekly Blog 15th December

Editor Dom Roman talks through the latest TUFC issues as we edge towards Xmas!

TT1 – Maidstone United FA Trophy

It’s a shame this is the last match at Plainmoor in 2017. I think we really should have dug our heals in and kept the Gateshead game on 23rd December. The attendance would undoubtedly have been bigger and pre-Xmas people would have spent more on food and drinks – it’s basically cost the club 000’s of pounds. Money which we need for the squad budget!

Anyway rant over! The Stones fixture isn’t overly attractive and with season ticket holders having to pay Β£15, the attendance probably won’t be any higher than Tuesday. We owe them one after November’s game, battering them in the second half – but losing 1-0…a typically TUFC frustrating afternoon.

Much will depend on how both teams approach the fixture and the attitude involved.Β The FA Trophy is signposted as important by some NL managers, whilst others just use it as a chance to try out different players and tactics. To be honest I think Gary will be in that second group (as his comments have hinted this week), as the league obviously takes precedence.

I think GG will definitely start. We saw some bits of the Frenchman’s quality the other night. Guy clearly wanted the ball and was comfortable taking possession. On the flip-side he didn’t look like a willing runner into the channels and wants the ball to feet, not always possible with our level of footballing ability!

Other squad players like Jennison MW and Rhys Murphy could get a go – we’re not exactly blessed with many other options, which means Gosling being loaned out and Chaney staying on loan is a bit puzzling. I don’t think either are Owers-type battlers. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong and I’d like to see Jake especially back in a yellow shirt in the new year.



Davey McGinty Andresson

Myrie-Williams Young Dowling Lathrope Davis



TT2 – Match Prediction Poll and TT View

My Prediction

Not an easy one to call! If our attitude is right we can triumph 2-1, over a Maidstone team who may be happy to concentrate on the league. McGinty and Young to score ours in a more open match than the recent league fixture.

TT3 – McQuoid

One or two players often bear the brunt of the Plainmoor frustration, and whilst Reidy has won over the fans, Josh is doing the opposite – as illustrated by Sam Druiff’s views from the Popside this week.

The guy can definitely play and his CV looks pretty impressive. Unfortunately past performances mean nothing to us and he really hasn’t lived up to the billing.

There was some promising glimpses on Tuesday in the first half, when he made space for himself with decent touches. Then it went pear-shaped with dreadful shooting and in the second half he was a non-factor.

McQuoid let’s his head drop far too easily and his body language is often negative. Contrast that to Luke Young, who even on tough days is always getting involved and trying to lead the way in support of his team-mates.

Josh’s loan spell is due to end soon and Owers will probably not be renewing it. Maybe he’ll return to Luton and pop up with a glut of goals – well stranger things have happened!

TT4 – Ian Twitchin

Ian was a brilliant servant to United back in the 70s – a local player who loved the club and stayed loyal throughout his career. So his passing was very much deserving of a minutes applause before Tuesday night’s game.

We don’t get many players like that any more. In recent times only Hilly, Nico and Mansell have shown the same loyalty and have rightly been popular guys. It’s the sign of a good team when players are sticking around for years – and we are nowhere near being a good team just yet.

TT5 Any Other Busines?

TULFC – Sian and the other ladies are back in action on Sunday. It’s a tough fixture at home against Marine Academy Plymouth, go and support them if you can.

Refereeing – I feel like a broken record complaining about the refs this season. It just seems like the decisions are going against us and Reidy’s offside was another one on Tuesday (see below). Clearly onside, we could have been 1-0 up, and don’t get me started on penalties – I think we’ve all given up asking for them!



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