The TT Match Verdict: #TUFC 0-1 Maidstone United. 11th November 2017

Sam Druiff – TT Contributor

Match Summary:

Same old story, if you don’t make chances and possession count, you will not win. You could forgive me for just copy and pasting the report from the Hartlepool game. I really thought that in two weeks, Owers might have done some work on shooting but I’m obviously mistaken. Maidstone had one good effort in the game and it went in, a free kick not far from the edge of the box. From my view on the pop side I think Durel should have done much better but I may be wrong.

I can’t really remember a period in the game where Maidstone really put a lot of pressure on. The first half was pretty much all Torquay. Michy Efete had a great run carrying the ball most of the length of the pitch only to not lay it off to the open Liam Davis and lose the ball. Jamie Reid was lively all afternoon again and had plenty of chances to score but didn’t. I didn’t think much of Jazzy Barum Bob at right wing back. He was ok defensively but I don’t remember him offering anything useful going forward. He wasted a lot of good crossing opportunities in the second half. But if anyone has read my tweets this afternoon will have seen my displeasure with Josh McQuoid. Josh is an expert at slowing down our attacks, in the first half playing just behind Reid, he didn’t provide any service and just looks lost in the middle. The second half chance when he was one on one after neat work from Myrie-Williams was appalling. A player who is meant to be league quality has to score that. I can’t believe he started and Keating was left on the bench.

Torquay generally played better in the second half after Dowling came off, who was poor today, not like his usual self. The signs are there of an improved team, but the alarming lack of goals is really worrying me, I do really question where the goals are going to come from.


TUFC Ratings:

Dorel – 5

Efete – 6 Gowling – 6 McGinty – 6

Barnum-Bobb – 5 Dowling – 5 Evans – 5 Young – 6 Davis – 6.5

McQuoid – 4

Reid – 5.5

Subs: Lathrope – 6  Myrie-Williams – 6  Keating – 5

Man of the Match:

Liam Davis

I agree with the sponsors’ choice, Liam Davis. Apart from some poor crossing in the first half, Liam was our best player in my opinion. Constantly up and down the wing with skill and power. I’m really impressed with him since he has returned to fitness. If he can work on his final ball then he is the full player.

Honourable Mentions:

I think Gowling was solid today. Having said that, he rarely isn’t, but he really reassured me today. Luke Young also had another good game, and was the best source of balls into the box.


The Tactics Board:

It’s hard not to repeat what I said last week. I actually really like the system at the moment and the way the team are playing. At times, there is some really good football to watch. It just infuriates me the lack of goals we score when we create enough chances! I must say the only thing I would change would be to start with two recognized strikers. There was so much more pace and reason when the lively Keating came on.

The Opposition:

Maidstone won with a smash and grab today. They got their goal in the first half and seemed content to ‘park the bus’. I do think they will do well though; having players like Zavon Hines and Jamar Loza certainly helps. A big word for their support, best I’ve seen all season!

The Ref:

Referee could have been more dominant, the Maidstone ‘keeper really milked the time wasting today, I always wonder why refs don’t book goal keepers to stop them doing it. This particular ref also dragged out a lot of decisions and his assistant missed a clear offside in the first half.

Player Spotlight:

Michee Efete

Michee Efete – I really like Efete. Don’t get me wrong, there are elements to his game that he needs to work on. But he is so versatile, so comfortable on the ball and so mature. He really has looked good since arriving from Norwich. The whole defence was good today, apart from the free kick and Loza’s chance at the end they never really looked too troubled. And I think a lot of this is down to Efete. He had a chance to set up Davis in the first half today and he let himself down but he’s a young lad still learning.


Quite clear – take your effing chances Torquay! The performances are there, we just need to start scoring goals! If I had a game in charge I would like to play two recognized strikers. I do hope we don’t see another game like that away at Fylde.

Next Up:

A.F.C Fylde, Away, Saturday 18th November, 15:00.

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