The TT Weekly Blog 20th April 17


1 – Easter Games

What a crazy Easter that was! I’ll start this blog by talking about the games – and what a rollercoaster of emotions we experienced. Taking a step back it was actually two excellent performances by the boys; the Lincoln saw a bare-bones United team go toe to toe with the best team in the league and almost grasp three points. The dreaded late goals (+horrible other results) broke supporters hearts, but not minds as both the Yellow Army and the team bounced back on Monday.

The second game was a deserved victory on a dramatic afternoon of brilliant commitment, disallowed* and glorious goals from Brett and Jordan. Seeing a big crowd and hearing the noise made all the difference for the team (especially after the early Braintree goal). I could barely breathe late in the second half when Braintree threatened, it was just too nervy –  but then found my voice when Jordan’s settler went in. What an afternoon!

*The disallowed goal was definitely the right decision in ‘old off-side’ rules, but with up-to-date rules muddying the waters it was more 50-50. I just can’t believe how long it took the lino to wave his flag!

2 – Dover Away

What do we need from the last two games? We’re still in deep danger, and a loss at Dover could see us hanging by a thread. The good news? We are not scared of going to a promotion contention team and we can get a result. Four points may do the trick, depending on how the likes of York (who play Woking!) and Braintree get on – whilst Guiseley are also looking over their shoulders now anxiously.

I think Lathrope will come back in on Saturday to help the defence (assuming he’s fit), so who does that mean gets dropped? Playing the three strikers again would be a risk against a good Dover team, but it would be hard to drop any of them after the Braintree performance – especially Brett after two cracking goals. Over to you Nico! It would also be terrific if Sparkes returns, maybe as an impact sub if we need him

I shall be there on Saturday, it’s a massive game and I just can’t miss it. The travel club coach is booked for me and TT Contributor Rich Heesem (we both got passes from understanding partners) to go and cheer the boys on, and also eat our way through copious amounts of sandwiches and snacks on the way! I think we can do it and everyone who can attend please do!

3 – The Guardian article and TU Response

My next topic is a brief mention of those articles from the weekend (I think they’ve been covered enough by the Forums, Facebook and Twitter!) that understandably caused a big stir.

Barry Glendinning’s article in the Guardian pulled no punches, and voiced the concerns which all United supporters have raised in the last six months. There may or may not be inaccuracies, but as a way to get things into the public eye it won’t be bettered and it was rightly lauded by the supporters.

Onto the TUFC response. We’ve all said things we regret after a few glasses of wine, and that’s how the TUFC statement came across! The club are well within their rights to respond to such articles, but it could have been handled so much better. We did ask for more communications from the club I guess…..

4 – North Ferriby tickets

Now we are all hoping the North Ferriby game is the one that keeps us up, and I’ve noticed mentions of putting the ticket prices down. I’d have to agree with that, maybe £10 for adults and £5 for under-16s around the ground? I think that would be reasonable and would surely bring a big crowd to support the boys – look what a difference the 2.5k made against Braintree.


When I started this site in February I was apprehensive! Will anybody actually want to read what I write and will they want to read about Torquay United?! I’ve been delighted by the response and great comments from people on the articles. GG tweeting how he loved reading the Braintree Match Verdict made my day! The Verdicts are a short-cut on the long drawn out official versions and were just meant to be an extra; however they have been very popular. It helps having great contributions from Luke and Sean as well.

There’s a plethora of items to come on the site, from Match Verdicts on the last two BIG games and end of season conclusions, ratings, awards. I think you can probably tell I love talking more about the football side than anything else, and I hope people will keep taking an interest!

Dominic – TT Editor (Commmme on you Yellllows!)


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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

One thought on “The TT Weekly Blog 20th April 17

  1. Thanks Dominic for all of your eloquently written articles.I agree,the Braintree report was spot on!Unfortunately,and exasparatingly,I won’t be on the coach with you to Dover.I am attending a godson’s wedding in London(only 40mins from Dover by train!!) which ‘kicks off’ at 2pm.However,I’ll be holding my mobile phone tightly!Which is the best site to get a live running report,bbc or twitter or??Cheers and COYY,Mike/Michel: )

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