I’m putting this at No.1, as I think the boys deserve great credit for their performance at the weekend. After a big-time unsettling week where the hope of new players was cruelly dashed, and all sorts of rumours floated around; Nico and the players could have easily been taken to the cleaners in Wales.

But NO, we are not ready to roll over yet! It was a game we bossed and should have won; went one nil down to a terrible penalty decision (again) and still found a way back in for a very good result (well done Reidy on the penalty). The heart and determination are definitely back, and this spirit has to now be translated into wins (starting at Solihull on Tuesday).


Before our tails wagged on Saturday, the previous two days was amongst the lowest I’ve felt about our club, and I’m sure many people felt the same.

Last week was the acid test I think for the new regime, and it ended in total failure. No new players for Nico, leaving him with a thread-bare squad (after the departure of Hodgkiss) for the rest of 2016-17. With KN himself on the bench at the weekend.

There was plenty of scepticism on GI (rightly so), but also some ready to give them a chance. That latter group have now dwindled understandably and all sorts of negative speculation about their treatment of Nico and the future of Plainmoor (and TUFC) fill the forums – whether it’s true or not, these are increasingly worrying times. No re-assuring statements or fans forums that is for sure….

3 – NICO

Kevin has received a lot of criticism, some of it deserved as he has to take a lot of the responsibility for the results as manager. However, we know he has our interests close to his heart and I believe all fans are now behind him to get us out of the mess. After all, the squad budget and quality has been downgraded unacceptably – leaving Nico to pick up the pieces.

The manager’s hands have been tied, and he’s shown great pride and dignity to not speak out about the situation (or indeed just walk out). No United boss has ever faced greater challenges than Nico, and no boss has ever been as honest with our fans.

He’s not perfect but he is our man and he loves the club. We must give him (and the team) all our support.


Two fixtures where at least one win is required. Both of these teams are safely tucked into mid-table; if the boys can show the same desire as Wrexham then I see no reason why at least four points can’t be bagged .

Ruairi brought energy to our attack at the weekend, so I expect him to continue upfront. Meanwhile Luke is back to close to his best (man of the match again versus Wrexham), and the midfielder is really our key man in this battle. Come on you yellows lets do this.


We’re doing our best to cover the season as it comes to an end. If any away followers would like to do a MATCH VERDICT for the site please get in touch. It’s a short, sharp and snappy summary of the game, with old school Match Magazine player ratings thrown in!

Nothing that will take too long, so bare it in mind if you’re heading away with the Yellow Army soon. The site is growing and the visitor total is heading upwards all the time, so be great if you could be part of it.


Have a good week everyone, and I’ll see you on Saturday.

Dominic Roman – A slightly more optimistic TT Editor






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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

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