TT TALKING POINTS – Wrexham AFC (H) by Dom Roman


Dom Roman

Dom discusses the draw at Plainmoor


There was utter frustration and dejection at Plaimoor (amongst other things). We had finally found a team worthy of the shirt with 8 games to play, and the game against the leaders showed that. Matching them with gusto, we rode our luck at times, but had purpose, work rate and desire that tested Phil Parkinson’s team throughout the 90 minutes. Why did it take so long to create a decent team? Why are we entering the National League South for the 2nd time in 5 seasons? So many questions as we enter the post season, and I sat absolutely gutted at the final whistle. Others seemed buoyant and optimistic, perhaps due to the late season form, but relegation is relegation however it occurs and this was so avoidable. Like any other relegation I’ve endured it hurts badly, whatever the journey and whatever the reasons. The table doesn’t lie, we have simply not been good enough.


In the midst of the depressing winter at Plainmoor we were holding out for leaders who could help knit this team together and bring a winning mentality to the dressing room. Kevin Dawson and Frank Nouble fit that bill, and they again showed their worth against the champions. Dawson has so much fire and energy for the battle, always on the front foot and always full of commitment, he’s been terrific for us. Frank Nouble has brought some self belief and just knows how to hold up the ball in the heat of a football match. Proper players who have the experience and aggression that we’ve been sadly lacking, well done to both for their efforts, not to mention Jack Stobbs and Lewis Collins who have both played their part in this mini late season resurgence. And a word on Asa Hall and Dean Moxey, two veteran players who were totally distraught at the final whistle, fantastic guys who have given everything for the Gulls.


The quality was there for all to see from Wrexham, expert first touches that took Gulls players out of the game, quick interplay and quickness of speed and thought, they took the game as seriously as you could expect and had they made the right passes and taken chances, even this spirited United team would have been comfortably despatched. With the serious investment made by Reynolds and friends this team should be very good of course, but credit to them for the season they have had and I’m sure League Two will be hearing from them very loudly next season!


Gary Johnson confirmed in the post match presser that he would be returning, a decision that was agreed with George Edwards earlier in the week. I have some mixed emotions with this decision, but the main feeling is disappointment. Are we a club that now accepts failure, with people in charge who make no apologies, push out pr spiel and just stick with a plan that hasn’t been working? I wanted a refresh because things have gone stale under Gary Johnson and relegation should mean a parting of ways. My preference was different energized people who bring new ideas into the club, and even a longer term vision that we can all buy into (optimistic I know), but it’s not to be. Instead we have continuity and this supposedly cosy working environment between Gary and the owners goes on. We can but hope that it pays off when we enter the National League South. He’s got plenty of fans onside with recent form, this trickle of momentum must be carried forward with astute recruitment (for a change!) and a squad that is not only successful in 23-24 but wins with style. No excuses, Gary must deliver and even in the NLS, that is no sure thing.


The Yellow Army have excelled this season. Instead of retreating into their shells as the season struggled on, they have pushed on and backed their team harder, and that’s unbelievable support. We salute you all and despite so much dross being delivered on the pitch, the social side has been better than ever. We’ve done everything we can at TorquayTalk, and nothing will change in the coming months and years, we are simply too obsessed by the Gulls. Whatever the circumstances are, we will not give up on our club.







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I simply live and breathe Football and have supported Torquay United since 1989. I am a season ticket holder on Bristows and a Trust member. I set up TorquayTalk in 2017 to give true supporters a voice and honest opinions on their club.

3 thoughts on “TT TALKING POINTS – Wrexham AFC (H) by Dom Roman

  1. As I’ve alluded to before , we have nothing behind the scenes, who are “The Board” , “The Directors” they are unrecognisable “non football people”.
    I have known many Board Members from previous eras all coming over as supporters who loved their team and who would do anything to further the cause,albeit sometimes a bit misdirected!
    I fear for the clubs future in the hands of these people and,as much as I still have some respect for Gary I really can’t see beyond next season when I pray we can at least assemble a team capable of returning us to a league which I now fear could be the height of any achievement possible.
    Cmon you Gulls
    Tony Counter

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  2. We don’t have a “board ” we have an owner……that it !

    Thanks Dom for all your hard work and all the other contributors to this great site !!

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    1. I know we have an owner but GJ frequently refers to “The Board” and “The Directors” hence my comments, I’m concerned for our clubs future and day to day working arrangements.
      I totally share Dom’s frustration and no doubt yours over where we find ourselves after, in my case nearly 70 years of support..
      Tony Counter


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