TT TALKING POINTS – Scunthorpe Utd (h) by Joe Uglow


Joe Uglow – @Joe_Ugs

Joe discusses the draw at Plainmoor


The first 10 minutes seems to have become the new “Gary Time”. Saturday was the fourth time we have scored in the first 10 minutes this season and seems to follow a pattern of United starting well but falling away later on. The first 25 minutes were probably the most fluid I’ve seen United going forward this season with both wing backs getting forward and joining in the attacks. The two midfielders Smith and Evans looked bright and were getting on the ball and making things happen, with Jarvis and Goodwin looking busy upfront. It would only last for one half though as Scunthorpe enjoyed the better of the second half, with 2 or 3 good chances to win it. 


I’ve been a little frustrated with Ben this season, mainly due to his lack of attacking intent on the left. Coming on for the injured Dylan Crowe at right back yesterday, he was like a different man! Getting forward at every opportunity with the ball he looked dangerous, keep that up and I’d be more than happy for him to deputise at right back. Special mention as well to one cracking last ditch tackle as Scunthorpe tried to put away a rebound off the post!


Another brilliant display from Mark Halstead, one great finger tip save as he dived down to his right to tip the ball onto the post was only bettered by his 90th minute point blank save from Joe Nuttall as he somehow pushed the ball over the bar after the striker smashed it towards goal from 10 yards out.


I understand the frustration from the Popside after the game who were calling for Clarke Osbourne and George Edwards to go. I’m frustrated as anyone with an ownership who don’t engage with the fanbase, who seem to see the fans as an inconvenience, treating us with such disdain that they now make us pay £2 more to watch the game just because we decide on the day to visit Plainmoor. 

But the fact is we are now something like 4 million in debt to Osbourne and if he was to walk away there is no one waiting in the wings to step in who could finance us like he has. So for now we are stuck with them at the helm and we have to hope that in the coming seasons we manage to put a team together that can get us out of this league (that’s up to the EFL not the NLS!), Then maybe we will be more of an attractive proposition to somebody with better intentions and track record than GI. 

The news from Swindon Speedway wasn’t very comforting to hear in the same week that Clarke reiterated his desire to build a new stadium for United. It’s understandable that we need to become sustainable and a new stadium with plenty of revenue streams would be key to that, but the council has to be clear, until that stadium is built and United play their first game there, Clarke Osbourne cannot get his hands on Plainmoor!







One thought on “TT TALKING POINTS – Scunthorpe Utd (h) by Joe Uglow

  1. Excellent article Joe. Just one thing, can you spell Osborne correctly. There is no U in the name. David Phillips.

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