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TUST board member Rob tells us his Gulls Dream Team

Neville Southall

What can you say about Neville Southall that hasn’t already been said? Very much getting towards the end of his career when he came to Torquay but still an absolutely awesome keeper. And for the size and age of him at the time, he was still making some unbelievable saves.

Photo courtesy of Paul Levie – Torbay News Agency


Kevin Nicholson

Growing up Robbie Herrera was a great left back and his hair is possibly still unmatched to this day! Kevin Nicholson was a fantastic player and then to go on to become manager and to then do the job he did in those circumstances. Well he deserves definite legendary status at the club in my eyes and there’s a lot to thank him for.

Ben Wynter

Consistency personified in the 21/22 season playing every minute of every game! This also won him the TUST sponsored Ian Twitchin Award for the most appearances in a season. Always seems so calm on the ball and not afraid to venture forward and score the odd wildly important equaliser. A shame to see him leave.


Darren Moore

Darren Moore is a hero in lots of ways to me being born a West Brom fan. I was very privileged to have met him at a charity game at Plainmoor organised by Mark Forrester. I very embarrassingly mumbled my way through it feeling like a teenage girl meeting their favourite boy band member. In his day he was a Premier League quality rock solid centre back.

Photo courtesy of the Herald Express

Guy Branston

A no-nonsense centre back who you’d put your house on getting the ball away when it was needed. And you’d definitely want him on your side in a fight.


Kevin Hill

The first name on my mind when I was asked to do this dream team. One of the most legendary names associated with this club in so many ways. The Jump, the cheekiest goal ever scored, the amount of appearances or the fact he played everywhere but behind the counter in the burger stand!

Tom Lapslie

Tom has only been with Torquay hardly any time at all, and in that time he’s been injured and not played in every game, BUT! I am a huge fan of the way he goes about his business on the field. Gets proper stuck in and takes no prisoners all in the name of the team. Every team needs a Tom Lapslie. And he’s a thoroughly nice bloke off the field too.

Alex Russell

What a player to run your midfield. One of the best footballers I’ve seen at Plainmoor. A joy to watch during my mid to late teens and favourite era of watching Torquay.

Stephen Duke-McKenna

Glaringly obvious that this young man has a good future ahead of him. Quick and skilful and easily left plenty of opponents stuck to the turf in his time at Plainmoor. Way too good for the level we’re currently at.


David Graham

He couldn’t and wouldn’t score crap goals! And worth every penny of the over £200k Wigan paid for him. He was fantastic.

Rodney Jack

Another legendary player at Plainmoor. Everyone knows about how good he was. Including the 11 year old me and around 5 or 6 others from my class that got an ‘unauthorised absence’ from Cockington Primary School in year 6 for going to Wembley in 98.


Leroy Rosenior

Leroy was manager for my favourite period watching Torquay. From what I remember he was a nice bloke. Especially when he invited a few of us from the media class at Westlands to come and interview him and a couple of players. My mate Tom Gledhill took charge and asked the questions as he was the biggest Torquay fan. And we snuck my mate Chris in as he’s a massive West Ham fan. Great times.

Photo Courtesy of the Herald Express

When it comes to my choices it mainly boils down to great memories of players that stood out in my mind from my times watching this football club that I have been very privileged to have adopted after my first game at 5yrs old.

As long as they get out there and show some guts and bottle mixed with blood and thunder, they’ll do for me.

One last thing to say that, little old Torquay has been here for over 100 years now. And as long as there are people willing to look out for it, and they’re all singing from the same hymn sheet, it’ll be here for another 100. I was 5 when I came to Plainmoor for the first time, my boy was 4 on his first visit. Now me and him plus my daughter have season tickets. One day they will hopefully bring their kids and me as a doddery old fart.

Owners come and go, we’ll be here forever.

All the best

COYY – Rob






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