TALKING POINTS – Bromley (h) by Philip Swann


Philip Swann

Phil looks back over the talking points for TUFC 0-0 Bromley

Playing with 10 men

We coped very well today with 10 men today and in the past we have struggled badly to break down 10 men teams. Is it such a disadvantage playing with with a man down? Personally I get disappointed when a team goes down to 10 men as it changes the dynamics of a match. Today before the sending off of Lewis the match was a good open entertaining match to watch. After the sending off, we had fewer and fewer chances as the game wore on and  it was more about keeping things tight and not allowing the opposition to get the upper hand with that extra man. Losing a man is not necessarily a big disadvantage but the game as a spectacle often suffers. Give me a sin bin like rugby any day!

Shaun MacDonald

To my knowledge MacDonald is still on a month to month contract. His form has been excellent this season and is arguably now better than Covolan was last season. I think Shaun just needs to work on his heading ability in the opposition box to really surpass Covolan! Seriously, we need to tie him down to a decent long term contract as there will be a serious risk he will be noticed and snapped up by another team, maybe closer to his native Geordie land. I really hope to see MacDonald at Plainmoor next season playing for us, he has more than earned it. We just have the awkward situation of how to deal with Halstead who is under contract for another year.

The Plainmoor pitch

The state of our pitch has come under a lot of criticism over recent years especially the strip in front of the Bristow Bench. I am pleased to report that today the pitch looked very decent, it perhaps cut up a bit in places but it was very playable. I think I am right in saying that we have not had a postponement due to the state of the pitch in the last two seasons? We have had loads of rain this winter and not one postponement. This is some achievement and clearly the drainage work done in recent years has helped and we should appreciate the money our owners have contributed to this.


Yellow Army

I really enjoy standing in the Popside these days. You are so close to the action and you really appreciate the Yellow Army. You really feel a part of what the club is all about experiencing all that passion the supporters have. Special mention has to go to the drummer and his loyal band of singers. What an incredible effort they make at home and away games and what an incredible drummer he is as well. His timing is impeccable. Well done to them and they do so much for creating a special atmosphere at Plainmoor and giving players and fellow supporters that extra lift. We should not underestimate their contribution.

United for Ukraine

It was good to witness a minutes applause supporting Ukraine before the match today with Lewis holding a Ukrainian flag. I don’t normally support sport and politics mixing but this is different. This is a serious issue and a real risk to the free world and our civilization and not just a token gesture about a particular cause. We seem to be going back to those dark days of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain and living in fear of a third world war and a Nuclear war. Now that is what I call serious and I am pleased football clubs like ours and sporting bodies are blocking Russia’s participation in all sports. South Africa were barred from sports in protest against apartheid and we should do similar now with Russia. Countries in my opinion should earn the right to be allowed to participate in the sporting arena and hosting sporting events by running their countries in  a civilized and peaceful way. It makes the decision by Blatter by allowing Russia and Qater to host recent world cups all the more ludicrous. Thank god, he has gone!

COYY – Philip

img_8134“The lads did our club proud. They were out there against a strong, Land of the Giants team. We had to compete, they do go direct – they are very strong at doing that – and I felt we coped with that” – GARY JOHNSON



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