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Ian discusses talking points from the defeat at Bromley

Slow and Steady doesn’t win the race

This team lacks pace and cutting edge when it attacks. That was the biggest reason for our attacking style and entertaining 2020/21 season. We could defend a situation and then break with 2 overlapping full backs, with Whitfield and Nemane out wide to turn defence into attack in a matter of seconds. This is what good teams have and do, this year we have absolutely nobody who can run with the ball at pace and because of that the Golls are one-dimensional and easy to play against. It’s the biggest thing we have to address in the loan market. Bromley are the blueprint of a good team at this level and it is partly because of their ability to sit back and play on the break with pace, also having those options off the bench.

A case for the defence 

The defence still isn’t right, because of the lack of centre backs in the squad we’ve been forced into a back 3 of which 2 of them are full backs. It means we have an inferior left back in the side rather than Moxey who is having to play centrally and an inferior right back as Wynter is having to do the same. Lewis would benefit immensely from a natural leader and proper centre back alongside him also. Again I felt Bromley had 2 excellent centre backs for this level and it was another glaring difference between these two sides, one of which is heading for a promotion campaign and the other heading into obscurity. Bring this player in and it allows the Gulls to go to their favoured back 4 and get the best out of Wynter and Moxey again. 

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-09 at 22.01.37

Moving Forwards

Another massive problem for this Torquay team. One look at the National League top scorers and you can see Billy Waters and Josh Umerah two guys considered not good enough have 14 goals between them while the 2 lads brought into replace them have 3. With Wright out injured again there is a chronic lack of depth and downgrade to the other 2. Holman a lad signed from the Southern League who had practically retired 2 years ago is leading our line, Dan struggled to get in the game yesterday and didn’t threaten the Bromley goal all afternoon. His replacement Lolos had one header but again lacks the presence and experience to lead the line on his own. With no pace on the bench or clear plan B it’s another area of the pitch where we’ve gone backwards massively in the last few months and along with a centre back the next key need for reinforcements. 

Not so As-a

Torquay are struggling a the moment and for whatever you or I think about this squad a midfield trio of Hall, Lapslie and Little should be a really good 3 at this level. Goal threat, experience and competitive. The problem is Asa isn’t holding up his end of the deal. Little had a stinker on Saturday but he has up to now delivered this season. Asa Hall is our captain and talisman and he simply isn’t effecting the game for us, his only contributions were giving the ball away in terrible areas twice leading to chances for Bromley that MacDonald had to save. I know Asa missed pre-season and at 35 it’s tougher to catch up maybe but Torquay simply need more from him if the Gulls are going to improve. 

Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment 

This is the over-riding factor and issue with this Torquay Utd team. The summer recruitment has been an utter disaster. Lapslie being the only one who has come in and looks up to this level. The goalkeepers have already been replaced by MacDonald who was considered our 2nd choice last year, he was excellent yesterday and stopped it being 5. Martin and Johnson are mediocre at best and playing in positions where we should have better alternatives, Omar the only centre back brought in, can’t get in a side with only one natural centre back named. I’ve touched on the forwards and when you look at the bench named there is just nothing there that we can turn to in the hope of changing the style or flow of a game. 

The loan market is absolutely critical for The Gulls now and it needs to happen quickly with crucial games coming up in the next few weeks.

COYY – Ian



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