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We summarise the top Gulls stats in all competitions (with help from Torquay Stats):

Appearances (sub):

1) Ben Whitfield – 27

Whits being an ever-present this season is a testament to his tenacity as a player. Considering the number of heavy challenges the winger gets thrown his way and the number of times he’s been hobbling during games, you’d have forgiven him for missing the odd fixture. Not our Ben though, what a guy.

2) Kyle Cameron – 26 (1)

3) CLE, Adam Randell  – 24 (2)

4) Sam Sherring – 24 (1)

5) Aaron Nemane – 23 (1)

Minutes Played:

1) Kyle Cameron – 2394

Kyle Cameron’s fitness over the last three seasons has been magnificent, whilst numerous others have struggled to stay on the field he has been a dependable rock amongst the squad. The only missed minutes were in the Trophy, and he still came on as sub!

2) Ben Whitfield – 2381

3) Sam Sherring – 2195

4) CLE – 2170

5) Adam Randell – 2100


1) Danny Wright – 8

Here lies the Gulls problem in recent months, as the top scorer remains a player who hasn’t been available since Xmas. If this Gulls team are to win the league, the midfield will need to chip in valuable goals whilst the defence keep things tight, not much to ask is it?

2) Asa Hall – 7

3) CLE, Ben Whitfield – 6

4) Josh Umerah – 5

5) Billy Waters, Kyle Cameron, Aaron Nemane – 4


1) Ben Whitfield – 11

Another assist at Southport took Ben’s total to 11 for the season and clear of CLE. Ben has been a danger all season to defences and has impressed me with his crossing ability on both his left and right foot. Full backs just don’t know which side to show him onto.

2) CLE – 9

3) Adam Randell, Ben Wynter – 5

4) Asa Hall – 4

5) Aaron Nemane – 3


1) CLE – 5

The Lemon’s form has tailed off a little in recent weeks, which is understandable considering the high standards he set in October-December. Much like the whole team he needs to shake off the current winter malaise and crack on. Our promotion challenge depends on.

2) Asa Hall, Adam Randell – 4

3) Kyle Cameron, Ben Whitfield – 3

4) Aaron Nemane, Shaun MacDonald – 2

5) Danny Wright, Dean Moxey, Josh Umerah, Joe Lewis, Sam Sherring – 1

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