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 Mark Hamill discusses his team Sutton Utd

Hi Mark so what do make of the current situation in regards to the NL season and whether it continues?

I think it’s got to continue, but I think a decision has to be made either way in the next week. Another grant of 11 million would be more better for the league than putting all the clubs back on furlough which would cost the government about 14-15 million pounds , so if you look at it that way it’s gonna cost them more money.

It’s a tough one as each club has its own agenda and we must respect that.

Did you expect Sutton to be challenging for promotion this season and do you think you can catch Torquay?

We had such a good run from Christmas last year and we’re in such good form, it was a shame the league finished due to COVID. So when the new season started I was confident in the management and players that we had kept and had brought in that we would be a hard side to beat and expected us to be in the top 8-10 places .

To be in the position we are now is credit to the players and hopefully we can stick in and around the play off positions, but the next month is gonna be hard for us with tough away games against the likes of yourselves and also Saturday/Tuesday games happening every week and the travelling.

How’s your relatively recent form been?!

Our form has been pretty good all season, a couple of games we have given late goals away which have cost us points, notably Notts County and Altrincham, there’s no easy games in this league.

What’s been your highlights of the season so far?

The highlight for me was when our fans were allowed back in to watch albeit for a couple of games in December which resulted in us beating Solihull 4-1, so they could see how well the team had been doing and why we were in the top 3 of the league.

Overall our performances have been good with some good away wins.

Who are your key players and why?

Our key players are the experienced ones as always – Eastmond, Beautyman and Bugiel. But don’t under-estimate all the players who week in and week out perform .

Our new keeper is experienced, and we have a guy on loan from Millwall upfront  Isaac Olaofe, who gives us goals and pace upfront which is a major asset in this league.

Who’s the gaffer and how does he like to set the team up?

Our manager Matt Gray has been a breath of fresh air to the club and since he’s come in has been precise to every thing he does. Personally I think he will go onto be a league manager if given the chance. He changes his tactics depending on who we are playing, but generally 4-4-2.

Which clubs streams have impressed you most?

I think every club has had a little difficulty in setting up their streams as it is all new to us all. It’s great at our level that you can watch your team home and away during these awkward times, so well done to all clubs for streaming games.

How much have you missed going to games?

I miss everything about going home and away games, home games we always have a pre-match meal with our fans and away fans a few hours before which is great and even better afterwards if we win in the bar with the players .

Away games are better than home games I think, meeting up with the lads for an early breakfast then getting a train to wherever, having a drink with opposing fans and hopefully 3 points for the journey home and more banter and alcohol.

Which opposition teams and players have been the best you’ve faced?

Having seen all the games mostly on the streams, I’ve been impressed with Altrincham, Dagenham, some of the teams that give you hard games but are not necessarily the top teams, of course we still haven’t played some clubs.

And finally, what’s your match prediction for Tuesday night?

Prediction for Tuesday, if we can score first we will have a great chance for the win , but looking at your form and goals you’ve been scoring, if we can get a draw it will help us and stop yourselves from going more points clear. So a draw for me Dom.





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2 thoughts on “TT Opposition Q&A – Sutton United by Mark Hamill

  1. Hope he is wrong about a draw, A win is a MUST for us Don’t care if it is only 1 – 0 but rather it be more ! or I will have no finger nails left!!!


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