A Catch Up With Kyle Cameron


“Any input GJ or Downsey give me I take on board and try to implement in my game. I love to learn”

2020 was a big year for Kyle Cameron. The 2020-21 season saw the centre back return to action in sparkling form and his domineering defensive displays have helped United storm to the top of the National League. Kyle also reached the milestone of 100 games for the Gulls in December, so what better way to start 2021 than by catching up with the Geordie…

Kyle Cameron
Photo courtesy of Adam Williams.



Scoring my first goal away at Concord in the title winning season. The Woking 3-3 game away from home, what a day. And of course the trophy day at Plainmoor, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that!! 


Tough as there obviously been a lot. Woking away, Dover at home this season and Hartlepool away.


Taken me a while to think of all of these games back. To be honest I can’t really think of any apart from the games this season. I think I’ll leave it up to you lads to decide my best games for me as I’ve got a memory like a sieve. 



I think as a player I’ve improved in 2020 a lot more so post 1st lockdown. I got a lot of stick last year at times but so did we all because of how we were underperforming in the league. I think my overall game has improved a lot rather than certain aspects. I honestly put it down to lockdown, having 5 months at home chatting with my dad about the football to start with and then to be honest completely switching off and just enjoying the time at home has done me the world of good. It was like a mental reset for me and has obviously helped me massively with performances this season.


All through the ages I’ve been skipper at some point as I feel like I’m quite a vocal character and I feel as if I am a good leader. I enjoy stepping in for Asa as captain, I like the responsibility that comes with wearing the armband. I’m still young and learning how to be a better leader all the time, and it’s something that comes with experience. I’d love to be club captain somewhere some day! 


It’s great playing for the gaffer, we have a certain way of playing and we all know what it is. That’s important as I feel we are all singing off the same hymn sheet and know exactly what we need from each other at all times. To be successful you have to be like this. He’s obviously worked with a lot of top centre halves in his time, as he’s managed at the top, so any input him or Downsey give me I take on board and try to implement in my game. I love to learn.

Photo courtesy of Adam Williams.



Spent it with my good old mucker Shaun. Not a lot we could do with living away from home and having restrictions in place with travel. Normally my family get a house down here for 2 weeks and I spend it there with them but this year was a little more quiet. 


It was important to beat Yeovil after last year, it was sort of a revenge fixture where we needed to show them and the supporters how far we have come in a year. And I’m sure we done that. Putting 6 past anyone is enjoyable, but even more so Yeovil when we owed them one! 

INTO 2021


I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions if I’m honest. Only one I can think of on the spot is try to read more. Knowledge is power as they say.


I’m very confident that we can get promoted. Our team has all the aspects you need to be successful but we just have to keep showing it week in week out, no matter who we play. We will have ups and downs or ‘icebergs’ as the gaffer calls them but I’m sure we can avoid them and keep doing well. Of course I think for anything you need an element of luck involved at times and if we get that as well as staying away from injuries, then I’m sure we’ll be fine. 


A good blend of young and old make the squad so effective I think. We have a lot of quality in this team, but we have a lot of lads who are hungry to kick on and have successful careers. And that starts now by winning this league. 



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