TT Opposition Q&A – Weymouth FC by Kenny Legg



Kenny discusses the Terras from Weymouth

TT – Hi Kenny so how have the club coped with the difficulties of 2020 and have the fans played their part?

Kenny – Well 2020 has been a pretty good year to be a Weymouth fan. We won promotion via the play offs in August. The fans raised £30,000 to help the club cover the costs of making the stadium Covid secure and paying for tests etc. Without that fund raising I’m not sure we would have been able to take our place in the play offs.

Our biggest difficulty this year is that our manager, Mark Molesley, took the Southend United job and left us without a manager shortly before the season started. We also lost a few key players from last year’s promotion side.

How was the experience getting promoted after all the uncertainties and delays?

We got promoted via the play offs which was a very strange experience as both matches were behind closed doors. We beat Dartford 3-0 on penalties in the final after they missed all three.

Being promoted was brilliant but watching it on the tele and not being able to celebrate with the players and your mates afterwards means it was obviously a surreal experience. I mean, we didn’t even get to have an open top bus parade celebration through the streets of Weymouth just because some bloke in China got off with a monkey, or something like that.

How would you summarise your season so far and do you think you can avoid relegation?

Yeeeah. Well, after two promotions in a row anything else that being top of the league is going to be a disappointment. We started off by not scoring in our first four games, beat Stockport United (a), then the whole squad got the ‘rona and we didn’t play for a month. Oh and we got knocked out of the FA Cup in our first round. It’s been “challenging”

I think we can stay up if we bring in a few experienced players and if the season is halted as soon as we are outside of the relegation zone.

How’s your recent form been heading into the Xmas fixtures?

Not great. We lost 3-2 at home to Wrexham in our last league home game, despite being 2-0 up after 60 minutes. We also lost 3-2 at home to Dagenham and got done 5-1 by Halifax, which was live on BT Sport.

We did win our last home game, against Maidenhead in the FA Trophy, and I’m hoping we take that form into the league and go unbeaten for the rest of the season…

Who are your key players and why?

Well, now our star player, Shamir Mullings has left, I’d have to say Ben Thomson, Sean Shields, Brennan Camp and Ollie Harfield.

Thomson is your classic thick-as-mince centre forward who would run through a brick wall and other such cliches. Sean Shields has got lovely hair and been involved in goals in 7 of his last seven games for us. Brennan Camp – Who Is The Grandson of Gerry Gow (to give him his full name) is on loan from AFC Bournemouth and has been impressive at the back. Ollie Harfield also has lovely hair, not as lovely as it used to be though, he is also good at knocking in crosses and posting selfies of him with his dog on the socials (not in a Keith Lard way, though).

Who is your manager and how does he like to set the team up?

Our manager is Brian Stock. It’s his first job as a manager higher than AFC Bournemouth Under 14’s and he turned up for his unveiling looking like an enthusiastic geography teacher who wants to be friends with the A-Level students.  

No one’s really sure how he sets up. Our tactics seem to have changed from the pressing game that got us 2 x promotions to being a bit more direct, which we’re not that good at.

Have you made it back to games yet and if so, how good was it to return?

I live in Germany so that’s added another layer of complication in getting to games. Lockdown has meant I’m able to stream The Terras, which seems ridiculous as I used to have to wait for Ceefax to update to find out our scores.

The return to fans in the stadium is a bit meh. Most of our fans are old and are avoiding the games, and it’s not right unless everyone can go to games again.

What should the Yellow Army expect from the live stream?

Some great commentary from Ben Ashelford. We started doing radio commentary last season and Ben did pretty much every game, it was great to have someone bringing the game to life rather than following it on Twitter.

The stream will start about 15 minutes before the game, the camera will be blocked by some old boys slowly taking their seats in the ground at various points and we’ll wrap things up pretty sharpish after the game so we can all get back to the misery of lockdown. 

Who’s been the best opposition players and teams you’ve faced so far?

Sutton basically toyed with us for 90 minutes. They didn’t really have to break much of a sweat to deal with us.

And finally what’s your prediction for the game against the Gulls?

Postponed at the last minute due as 2020 decides it’s not been shit enough and something else outrageous happens.




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