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Ally discusses his team Maidenhead United

Hi Ally so tell us a bit about yourself and how long have you supported Maidenhead?

I’m 51 lived in Maidenhead for most of that, originally a West Ham fan but over time I’ve been made to feel more like a customer than a fan so I decided to give my local team a go about 6 years ago of which I’ve been a season ticket holder for the last 4 years. I can honestly say I’ve never been happier, I feel like a fan again and appreciated by the club I support.

How has the club and it’s owners coped with the challenges of 2020?

I don’t think I can speak for the club or owners but like every club it’s been very difficult & worrying times. I just hope things will soon be safe so we can all get back to some normality and start enjoying the thing we all look forward to on a Saturday – supporting our team.

What have the supporters done to help out?

Obviously the way things are at the moment all clubs have had to make temporary cutbacks and had to rely on volunteers that being the supporters. I myself have been volunteering keeping the ground clean and tidy and that includes glamorous jobs like emptying bins, cleaning toilets, well you get the picture, and then there’s matchdays most of the stewarding is done by volunteers but I would imagine and hope it’s like that at all the clubs in our league. I’ve been to most of the grounds in the league including Torquay. We’re always made to feel welcome wherever we go and we’ve all got one thing in common, we love our football.

You have a couple of ex-Gulls in Sparkes and Bliss, how have they done so far?

I think Bliss just needs a little bit of time to settle in but I’m optimistic for him. As for Sparkes he has really impressed me. Barratt has captured all the headlines but Sparkes has had a hand in Sam’s success. I really rate Dan, just a shame he’s injured at this moment in time.

What’s your form been like heading into Tuesdays game?

Our form has been pretty good, we’ve been on a good run unbeaten in 6 games, then we slipped up when we went to Altrincham but in this league you know if you don’t turn up on the day even a team at the lower reaches of the table will take the 3 points. At least we bounced back with a win at Eastleigh yesterday, I think that’s a good sign as that would not have happened last season.

Who are your key men and why?

Obviously Barratt’s the danger man, Coley’s got a red last weekend so there’s one less to worry about for you and Sparkes is injured, but don’t be fooled by that as a team this season we’ve had to change the line-up around due to injuries and those coming in have done what’s been asked of them. When Sam’s not been firing someone else has stepped up to the plate.

Will you be venturing back to a game soon and how much have you missed it?

Luckily I’ve seen all the home games as a volunteer around the ground, I’ve doubled up as a steward on matchdays. Although I’m lucky to have seen the games it’s not the same without fans.

What’s been your highlights of the season so far?

My highlight of the season was a 2-2 draw with Bromley. You won’t see 4 better goals in a game all season, I suggest you take a look.

Which opposition teams and players have impressed you most?

Sutton impressed me more than anyone else I’ve seen, they took us apart at the start of the season. No one player particularly impressed me, what made them so good was the overall team performance and their movement without the ball on that day. It felt like they had 2 more players on the pitch. I think along with Torquay, Sutton will be there or there about come the end of the season.

And finally what’s your match prediction for the game at Plainmoor?

My predictions for the game is there won’t be many goals you’ll be made to try and break us down and we’ll hit you on the break, 1-1. 

Take care stay safe and I wish Torquay success this season, you made us feel very welcome last year. Shame we can’t be there Tuesday night, got a feeling we won’t be there next season as I fancy you to win the league, All the best from MUFC.




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