TT Player of the Month November 20 by Dom Roman


The Ed picks his top 5 Gulls for November and a POTM


Dom Roman – @DomRoman

1 – Connor Lemonheigh-Evans

The Player of the Month this time around is a fairly simple choice, it has to be ‘the Lemon’! Connor was excellent in all three games, starting off with a performance of league standard in the FA Cup against Crawley. No coincidence that United stuttered increasingly after he went off. Boreham was less pretty, but the midfielder was full of verve and aggression to carry the fight, and the midfielder topped it all off with a quality game at Halifax and a super finish. Taking his time in a congested penalty area to pick his spot. A man on top form.

MOTM – Boreham Wood (H), FC Halifax (A)

CLE – Photo courtesy of Graham Scambler

2 – Aaron Nemane

Much like Connor, Aaron was excellent in the FA Cup versus Crawley, and much like CLE he was missed when Gary substituted him. Without his work rate and counter attacking speed, the Gulls were not the same team. A more subdued performance against Boreham followed, but the winger was back to his best at Halifax, winning a penalty, making challenges all around the park and in a flicker of an eye switching United from defence to attack. The doubters have fallen by the wayside, well done that man.

MOTM – Crawley (H)

3 – Kyle Cameron

Cam was excellent to start with against Crawley, so was the rest of the defence. So conceding 6 in the end was just a ridiculous hour or so of football that still puzzles me now. Thankfully the back four moved on rapidly from that crazy game, and remained solid against Boreham. Then a move to left back at Halifax for the Geordie and a grand 90 minutes! Being able to adapt to a different position is no mean feat, and he made it look easy.

4 – Asa Hall

The Crawley game was eventually a silly mess, but in the initial period when United bossed it and everything was fine in the Gulls FA Cup world Asa was integral. A scrappier performance at Boreham followed that, Asa’s distribution letting him down…but the goal-line clearance at the end was still a hugely important moment. At Halifax, Hall and CLE bossed the midfield for long periods and the skipper strode forward purposely, bagging a goal with perfect timing. His form and fitness is excellent, long may this continue.

5 – Ben Whitfield

Ben’s first hour or so against Crawley was exceptional. Scoring a beauty in the corner, and then turning on the razzle dazzle in the area to almost grab a second. Boreham allowed him little room, but away at Halifax he found the space to provide his 5th assist of the season. Allied to the goals and assists, you have that non-stop work rate and never give up attitude – for Gary Johnson that must be a manager’s dream. Plenty more to come in December from Whits I am sure.

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