A Catch Up With: Kyle Cameron


“It’s a great environment to be in and everyone is looking fit and ready to get going”

Dom Roman caught up with the TT sponsored Kyle Cameron for a chat about the season start

Chadwick - Cameron

Hi Kyle just how pleased are you that the season will finally begin on Saturday?

Can’t wait! It’s been a long 6/7 months, or however long it’s been I’ve lost count now! All the boys have been saying the same, they can’t wait to get going even if it is under the circumstances of no fans. It’s only temporary and I’m hoping it’s back to normal sooner rather than later. We are all excited for this season and we as a group are confident going into Saturday!

You’ve been busy in the world of gaming, has that been a good way of filling time?

I have indeed, it’s something I’ve always been interested in from a young age and with all the downtime I’ve had over the last few months it’s filled in the time lovely! It’s an easy way to chill out and interact with some of the fans on the stream which is fun!

How ready do you feel personally for the season start?

I’ve felt good preseason, I’ve taken the last few months to really take a step back re-evaluate last season and how it went on a personal level. The break has done me the world of good and I’m feeling physically and mentally refreshed with new targets and goals. I’m ready to go at it! Ready as ever!!

How are the new players settling in and how will they improve our squad?

I think the recruitment this season has been good, we’ve strengthened in all areas we needed to with added experience as well. All the lads have settled in really well, quite a few of us go for coffees after training which has helped us to knit together as a group. We’ve brought quality and experience in this summer and I think that’ll show this season, everyone is hoping to hit the ground running this year!

What’s it been like playing behind closed doors?

It is strange when we’ve been used to playing in front of 2000+ fans most weeks at Plainmoor but I think once you’re on the pitch you are just in the zone so you don’t tend to think about it too much! It’s taken me back to the U23 days at Newcastle when it’s like that everyone game pretty much.

Are the team ready to start the season with a bang?

I believe so, I’ve got full confidence in the group we have this season. I think everyone is so determined to do well it’s a great environment to be in and everyone is looking fit and ready to get going… like you say with a bang!

You’ve scored a couple of goals recently, what’s your target for 20-21?

Yes, I’m trying to add that side to my game as I think that will not only help the team but also help me take my game to the next level! I think I’ve got to be looking at getting 5+ this season. Gaffa has been on to me for a while about getting more goals from set plays so it’s always in the forefront of my mind these days.

What’s your message to the Yellow Army who frustratingly won’t make it to games?

This is only temporary and I’m sure we’ll be back to having everyone in grounds come the new year. support us the best way you can at home and stream the games, some football is better than no football I guess! We will miss your support a lot and we all can’t wait to have you back cheering us on! It’ll fly by!

And finally, why do you think it will be a successful season for TUFC?

I think we’ve kept the core of the squad from last year and all the experience we gained from playing nearly a full season in the National League together will hold us in good stead going into this season. The added experience and quality recruitment during the off season will help us give that depth we will need with the build up of fixtures this season. I’m hoping it to be a successful and promotion gaining year for us all! Up the gulls, come on!

DR on Cam: TT are very proud to be the away sponsor again for Kyle this season, as we continue to back the Gulls where we can in 2020. I think Kyle would admit that 2019-20 was a learning curve for both himself and many of the squad, but the big man is improving all the time and looks sharper than ever as we approach game 1 v Stockport. An emerging leader with full commitment to the cause and ready for a 2nd crack at the National League – good luck KC.

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