TUFC Tweets of the Week – 16th Aug 2020

Rich Heesem






Rich Heesem @RichHeesem

Tweets of the week (fortnightly really as content in the off season is slow). Rich Heesem is serving up this weeks TUFC Twitter top 5 tweets.  So the most exciting thing to happen to me apart from renewing my season ticket was winning the draw to have a one to one with Lord Sir Gary Johnson.  It was good fun that lasted longer than they thought I’m sure but GJ answered all my questions and was good fun.  An agent called whilst we were on the call but I hope Gary was more interested in chatting to me.  Anyway another week goes by without football but in positive news we have CLE back as a permanent transfer.  Keep your fingers crossed Yellow Army.

Let’s have some Tweets to stop me going on shall we?

5 – Black and white, not yellow and blue!

This is an amazing find.  Love the old style commentary as well.


4 – We’d have him back right?

This is us all over, let’s hope we don’t see any of this next season!

3 – Dean Edwards sings!  Slight misinterpretation of his name.

Blimey I’d be interested to listen to this!

2 – The second worst secret this season?

So after much procrastination we have signed CLE on a permanent deal.  We also paid a fee, who knew!  Good to have you back!

1 – You can thank us Jamie, by sending some loan players down our way!





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