TUFC Tweets of the Week – 5th July 2020

Rich Heesem

Rich Heesem @RichHeesem

Tweets of the week (fortnightly really as content in the off season is slow). Rich Heesem is serving up this weeks TUFC Twitter top 5 tweets.  So Super Saturday has been and gone hope all the Yellow Army enjoyed the pubs and restaurants opening again.  I just hope everyone has been sensible and stuck to the rules.  Please don’t ruin our chances of getting back to watch football at Plainmoor by causing a local lockdown.  Oh and don’t all just go to the Spoons support your local pub and restaurant please.

Let’s have some Tweets to stop me going on shall we?

5 – Banks fight back!

So project restart hasn’t worked out well for the Johnson’s or the Yellow Army.  Let’s hope Steve is right.


4 – Merchandise!

Unofficial merchandise as you’d guess, wonder if the club will come up with something before the new season starts. 

3 – Communication, communication, communication!

I think Jake sums this up perfectly, ok it’s nice to hear about the pitch and we are in a difficult situation but come on!  Even a thank you for your patience and we will let you know soon tweet would placate some. 

2 – Retain or our gain?

We’d take this from just up the road wouldn’t we. 

1 – Callum had a plan all along!

He nearly joined us on loan, aren’t we glad in the end he didn’t.  Unlucky Exeter!





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