TUFC Tweets of the Week – 7th June 2020

Rich Heesem

Rich Heesem @RichHeesem

Tweets of the week (fortnightly really as content in the off season is slow). Rich Heesem is serving up this weeks TUFC Twitter top 5 tweets.  Hope all you Gulls fans are doing well and you and your families are staying alert.

Let’s have some Tweets to stop me waffling on shall we?

5 – Awards season!

Congratulations to the TT podcast team.  In other news Sam Druiff has been nominated for miss of the season as well.  Found at the bar whilst Reidy scored that goal against Aldershot.

4 – Gossip any kind of gossip!

Even a whiff of a signing to get Yellows fans excited. Probably won’t happen for ages if true, but news is scarce.


3 – Will the ticks stay on?

So it seems we have been starved of football news and gossip, so it’s onto possible kits for next season whenever that is.  Not sure of the reliability of the info but hey ho at this point of lockdown madness who cares!

2 – Blast from the past

The enigma that is Paul Buckle!

1 – The futures bright the futures Yellow.

So finally the senior management start discussing the youth set-up at Torquay.  It may take a while to bed in but it will be an important part of our clubs future.



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