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Jamie Holmes is the next United supporter to try their hand at a playlist

Jamie Holmes – @donttakethepeas

So, I need to complete a playlist?

First things first, how do you choose? It’s a bit like when people ask you the first album you bought, of course you’re not going to say “The Wombles Soundtrack” or admit to ever owning a Backstreet Boys album, are you? Are you?

It’s much easier to tell a little white lie, and say “Hunky Dory” or “The White Album” isn’t it. I listen to desert island discs, and my lasting thoughts are always not how difficult it must be to choose, but how difficult it must be not to include something that you love, but is actually very “uncool”. We could argue “it’s postmodern irony” of course, but the reality is we just like a song, because we like it, and how it makes us feel at certain points in our lives.

So where to start….. How can I complete a playlist without Elvis, Bowie, Elton John or the Beatles, how can I not put in the Rolling Stones? How can you not include Jimmy Hendrix or Bob Marley? I guess it’s all; about personal choice.

Like most people my taste is eclectic, I like most things (apart from soft rock). If Bon Jovi or Def Leppard were playing in the garden I’d draw the curtains, but, having said that, give me Meatloaf singing Jim Steinman any day.

I also don’t like opera, not at all…………. Mind you, that Pavarotti chap singing that song in the World Cup a few years ago wasn’t bad was it…. See, not easy is it. So here goes.

Faithless – We Come 1

Glastonbury 2000 and something or other, I knew nothing about this band, don’t think I’d ever head of them, friends I was with wanted to see them, I went along for the ride. But wow, just wow, what a moment. They owned the crowd. This was something special, and this song, for me, was the high point. A real anthemic moment. I bought the album later that week and it’s a go to over and over again. Especially when driving. Must be played loud. Shame I haven’t got it on vinyl.

The Pogues- Dirty Old Town

Not The Pogues original of course, the actual song was written in the 40’s, the Dubliners made it a hit years later, but there is something about Shame McGowen that brings out the dirtiness of this classic. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Interestingly an English song written about the North West, I never knew that, I had always assumed it was Irish. Apparently Salford City walk out to it.

The Animals – The House of the Rising Sun

I include this as it’s my father’s and my wife’s favourite song, and boy what a great song. Made famous by the Animals, but again, an old folk song. A search on (the ever reliable!) Wiki shows that the author is actually unknown.

Kraftwerk – Ohm sweet Ohm

So, I have to admit to thinking that Kraftwerk are the greatest band ever, no contest. One of a few truly non-derivative bands to exist. I discovered them in the early 80’s, we had a German family friend who heard me playing “The Model”, it was at the time the only one I had heard (Kids listen to the charts don’t they). She sent me numerous cassettes over from Germany, stuff I had never heard the likes of. Everything from early experimental albums, to the newer and more radio friendly “Computer World” appealed to me. But, the “Radio Activity” album has always been a firm favourite.

I can still remember opening the envelope and taking the cassette out. It was the mid 80’s. The album was already ten years old, yet it sounded newer than anything I had ever heard before. This song is the perfect end to a perfect album. I had the pleasure of seeing Kraftwerk twice in 2017, on consecutive nights In Oxford and Brighton. Just incredible.

Pachelbel – Canon in D Minor

“Ah, this is the bit when you try to pretend that your knowledge of music is so diverse you know loads about classical music” – I hear you cry.

Nothing could be further from the truth, genuinely haven’t a clue. Wish I did know more. I’m the sort of person who when I hear something I recognise says “isn’t this that song from that there advert?”

I don’t remember when I first heard this, but it’s a piece of music I’ve returned to over and over again. It sounds just as great in the garden on a sunny afternoon with a glass of “grown-ups” apple juice, as it does played in the car on the way to work (minus the apple juice!).

It’s just a truly beautiful piece of music.

Radiohead – No Surprises

Where to start with this track, I was late to Radiohead, friends raved on about them as if they were The Joy Division for goodness sake. To me Radiohead were just an over-indulgent group of doom merchants, sure I’d heard “Creep” who hadn’t?

But then I heard OK Computer, and like some kind of musical osmosis I just found they got in to me somehow. It really is an album that would have to be in my top 5, a masterpiece from start to finish. How do you choose a song from it? Is No Suprises better than Paranoid Android or Lucky?

I have decided on No Surprises because ultimately the words speak to me, so much so I have a lyric from it as a tattoo (true story – if a little sad I hear you say).

Pink Floyd – Mother

My father was/is a massive Floyd fan. I was brought up on Floyd, I love them, even the strange Sid Barret stuff, Dark side of the moon was/is a classic, what’s not to like. But for me Roger Waters style of song writing has always been what I’ve preferred, and this epitomises his {sometimes} simple acoustic guitar style, and haunting lyrics. The Wall is in my opinion one of the greatest albums made, no playlist could be complete without a song from that album.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Scattered Pearls

I know very little about this artist, a google will tell you the chap is Owen Ashworth, and he’s been involved in many different musical projects.

I know them only because a few years ago I went to a music festival in Hungary, and when looking at the bands from the previous year they came up. It looks very “lo-fi” when you see them, almost like one of those bands you see at a festival and stay for a few mins (as it would be rude to walk straight back out of the tent!). But stick with it, and they grow on you, catchy riffs all played live on retro “instruments” Give them a try, see what you think, but remember I like experimental Kraftwerk from the early 70’s!

The Lightning Seeds – Perfect

This is far from a favourite song (although it’s a great song!), this is about memories. Put simply my oldest son was born in 1994, Jollification had just been released and my son just seemed to relax when it was on. Hours and hours were spent dancing around the room with this playing live. It needs including for that reason alone.

New Order – Blue Monday

What person who grew up in the 80’s wouldn’t include this? An absolute classic tune, still stands the test of time now. A piece of art as relevant as any Picasso. The ridiculously expensive design sleeve that cost Factory money for every one sold – But hey, it wouldn’t matter, because we won’t sell many………….

I saw Peter Hook and the light a few years ago, his new stuff is great, but being surrounded by a drunk crowd of likeminded (and like aged) fans dancing to this was something special.

Leonard Cohen – So long Marianne

Late review guys, this chap is amazing. Why the late review? Because everyone it seems knew about LC about 30 years before me. Yes I’d heard hallelujah and bird on a wire, and even Dance me to the end of love in the 80’s. So I heard him, but I hadn’t really heard him until the mid 00’s.

A friend was really in to him, and I started listening, and wow, what a voice, the albums, the lyrics, the ability to have an audience doting on his every word. I saw him live in 2008. A really special moment. This is one of my favourites.

Johnny Cash – Hurt 

I love Johnny Cash, I don’t need to go on about what an amazing song writer he was. Everything from the “Folsom Prison Blues” to “my mother’s hymn book” goes around on my vinyl/Spotify/Alexa playlist constantly. But what is amazing for such a great song writer is that the song I choose is a cover. The reason I choose it is because JC had the ability to make a great song even better, this makes you happy and sad all at the same time. And that video………

There, 12 songs, and not a mention of football (well apart from the Pavarotti reference, and nod to Salford City at the start that is!). Hopefully there is something there that you like (Feel free to look up Kraftwerk’s back catalogue of course). 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading, thanks for indulging a nearly 50 year old. Have a listen, and most importantly stay at home and safe and healthy in these trying times for all.

COYY – Jamie




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