My TUFC Dream Team by Sam Jones

“Arguably the greatest player to ever grace Plainmoor’s hallowed turf, the Irishman was always destined for greater things.” Sam Jones on Eunan O’Kane

TT Deputy Editor Sam Jones picks his TUFC Dream Team:

Torquay United v Ebbsfleet United Torquay, UK - 28 Apr 2018

Sam Jones – @samuellejones

I’ve only been a Torquay fan since 2005, so this team is based on the last 15 years. Saying that, we have had so much crap that it almost makes my job easier! I also lived away from the Bay, so this team is based on seeing 3 or 4 games a season and listening on the Beeb instead.

In goal:

Vincent Dorel

We’ve had a lot of decent keepers over the passed 15 years, but Dorel was my favourite. He was excellent in that season under Owers and was one of the reasons we clung on for so long. Also, he’s a top bloke who had time for a chat even after we went down. Would love to see him back one day.

At the back:

Ben Wynter

The right back was much maligned when he joined us, but is now one of our most important players. Can’t remember a full back at Plainmoor who is as solid at the back, and as dangerous going forward as Ben. And of course, there’s Woking away.


Angus MacDonald

A player who was always destined for greater things. One of the best centre backs of the modern Torquay era who was a crucial part of our great escape. Had rotten luck with injuries and health issues recently, but glad to see he is on the road to recovery.

Chris Todd

Toddy wasn’t just a great defender, but a top guy as well. The mental strength to come back from his leukaemia diagnosis is as an inspiration to all. Still with the club today, coaching the Youth side.

Kevin Nicholson

Nicho is another Torquay legend. Even his managerial reign was legendary (in a roundabout way), managing to keep us up twice. He was very rarely beaten by anyone, and would score the odd cracker too. 


Danny Stevens

In my view, the diminutive winger was an underrated player. During the Ling years, he could be so destructive when the game opened up. His goal against Plymouth in the 3-1 win typified this for me. Shame his career nose dived after he left us.

Asa Hall

We have certainly had better midfielders technically over the last 15 years, but I can’t remember one as important to the side as Asa. He’s a true leader in the middle of the park, and chips in with the odd goal as well. Also, our only ever title-winning captain (or at least since 1927).

Eunan O’Kane

He was always going to be in it, wasn’t he? Arguably the greatest player to ever grace Plainmoor’s hallowed turf, the Irishman was always destined for greater things. The first time I saw him play, I couldn’t quite believe what I was watching. Now a full blown Irish international, playing in the Championship. I miss him everyday.

Dan Sparkes

Dan Sparkes was only with us for a season, but was probably our best player. With that wand of a left foot, he scored many a vital goal and provide even more vital assists. Another that I’d love to see back at the club.

Up front:

Jamie Reid

Reidy, Shagger, Prince of Park Lane…whatever you call him, the man is a Torquay legend already. His goal scoring feats of the last 18 months has been incredible, and there is no reason he can’t keep it up. One of the most complete strikers I’ve seen at Plainmoor, I can’t see him here next season.

Rene Howe

Rene was a great player for us for a couple of years, being our top scorer in his only two seasons at the club. He also holds the record of scoring in the most consecutive games, something which will be hard to beat. Could do with a player like him alongside Reidy.

On the bench:

Brendan Moore

Big fan of the American, who is now back in his native home. Another top keeper, and would love him back at the club now.

Nathan Smith

Nicho described him as a freak of nature, and he wasn’t wrong. His partnership with MacDonald was one of the best we may ever see at Plainmoor. Still surprised to see him only playing in League Two.

Luke Young

The Devon boy should be a Football League player, if it wasn’t for that knee injury. Was always our best player in some god-awful sides. Scored some great goals too.

Ben Whitfield

His time at the club has been short, but the boy is magic. Runs himself silly, score a goal or two and had great hair. What’s not to love?

Kieffer Moore

The Torquay-born, Welsh international was a sensation when he came down here. Despite only playing 4 games, he still managed 5 goals for us. Can’t wait to see him fire Wales to Euro 2021 glory next summer.


Martin Ling

I always feel a bit sad when I think of the Lingy era. It really is a what could have been scenario because, because all the pieces were there to take us up to League One. The team that Ling built was outstanding, arguable one of our greatest ever that really should have gone on to greater heights. However, there are things more important than football, and it is a crying shame how it ended at Plainmoor for him. Glad to see him involved with the beautiful game again.

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