TUFC Tweets of the Week – 8th March 2020

Rich Heesem

Rich Heesem @RichHeesem

Tweets of the week returns! Rich Heesem is serving up this weeks TUFC Twitter top 5 tweets.  So after yesterday’s game where we seemed to have reset back to playing like we did during November and December i.e playing like a bunch of strangers.  I think it’s plain to see we aren’t ready for the play offs and barring a minor miracle that is. Time to start building for next season.  We need to be tougher all over the pitch!   

Let’s have some Tweets to stop me rambling on shall we?

5 – Playing like a bunch of comedians!

Who knew we were so big time that the king of the one liners comes to watch the Gulls!

4 – Blink and you’ll miss?

Well this was a cataclysmic miss wasn’t it.  Think VAR should have intervened and just given him the goal.


3 – What a run!

Unbelievable stat for #tufc, should be Lee Johnson Vs Gary Johnson then?

2 – Podcast obsession

So I know it’s not a Torquay United podcast, but they’ve made it to 100 episodes so this has to feature in this week’s Tweets.  Featuring an interview with Jamie Reid, still not a #tufc podcast!

1 – Return of the Mac

So pleased for Angus after everything he’s been through.  


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