TUFC Tweets of the Week: 6th Dec 2019


Sam Jones – @samuellejones

We are back! A week off was all we needed to rejuvinate ourselves for the rest of the season. I wish I could say the same about the team though. More bad losses have seen the Gulls plummet down the table. But keep the faith, if anyone can turn it around, its our Gary!

Let’s have some TOTW in the mean time, shall we?

5 – Fan Engagement in Football

The fan engagement poll was published recently, and Exeter rank amongst the highest placed team. I think Torquay United could learn a thing or two from our neighbours.

4 – Owersball, nuff said.

Ah Gary Owers, the Torquay United equivelant of Lord Voldemort. Increasingly as his reign of terror went on, it felt like he was just throwing players at a wall, see what stuck, and that was his team. And trust us, it showed. Thank God that’s over and Sir Gary is in charge!

3 – Complete and utter bullocks.

It’s almost as if Stockport County knew what was going to happen when they came to play us. An abject display from us meant that the away side left with all 3 points and the bus rubbed salt in the wounds.

2 – A dark day indeed

I try not to speak about Owers, but he keeps rearing his Geordie head everywhere we look. The day he was appointed after Nicho’s sacking is definitely the lowest point of the decade.

1 – Surely you can’t be serious?

Airplane is an all time classic film, and the line used by John below is spot on. If this poor run of form continues, we may have to all follow in Steve McCroskey’s path and pick up old habits (however, glue sniffing is not advised).


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