TorquayTalk Playlist by Sam Swann


United supporter Sam Swann from The Kaizens chooses the first 12 tracks of his TorquayTalk playlist

Sam Swann

Sam Swann – @SamSwanny99 – @thekaizens

“A big thank you to Dom and the rest of the TorquayTalk team for allowing me an opportunity to contribute to the site. Here are the first 12 tracks of my music playlist for fellow Torquay fans, which includes a variety of newer songs and Torquay United classics”. 

#1 – Children – Robert Miles

Sam – No explanation needed here. You can hear it anywhere in the world and it’ll remind you of the 5 minutes before kick-off at Plainmoor.

#2 – Club Foot – Kasabian

For me it is the ultimate football song. The classic bass riff has been played all around the world in football stadiums and to accompany many football programmes. I am starting to get over the fact that I missed out on tickets for their summer gig…

#3 – The Runner – Foals

To keep up the playlist up to date I will be adding a newly released song every time something grabs my attention. ‘The Runner’ was the first single from Foals’ latest album.

#4 – Silence Is Talking – Reverend & The Makers

One of the most criminally under-rated bands of all time for me. They may have only had 1 big hit but this one of many classic songs from the Rev.

#5 – Song 2 – Blur

A classic for football fans. Short and simple (just like this explanation).

#6 – Jerk It Out – Caesers

I am starting to run out of descriptive phrases other than ‘absolute tune’.

#7 – Not Nineteen Forever – The Courteeners

The year is 2008, Tim Sills is upfront for the yellows and Courteeners release this indie anthem. Good times.

#8 – Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis

‘Oh that song, I didn’t realise it was called that’ is the most common sentence when it comes to this catchy tune.

#9 – Fools Gold – The Stone Roses

As much as I would love to include all 9.54 of the original, the single version is included for now. There is no way you can look at past The Stone Roses when it comes to a Football based playlist.

#10 – Born Slippy (Nuxx) – Underworld

One of the few songs which matches the goose-bump level of the 2009 play off-final.

#11 – Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

Many football chants have been based around this song. Yes I was the annoying kid who played this and Wonderwall in school when it was deemed impressive.

#12 – You – The Kaizens

I’ll let you decide on this one I guess… I am hoping it will be played over the tannoy at Plainmoor one day. Myself and the rest of the band are very appreciative of all the support we get from TorquayTalk and it’s readers!

Here is a link to the first 12 songs for this playlist. Feel free to comment on any recommendations for the next 12! 

TorquayTalk Playlist

COYY – Sam S


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