A Catch Up With: The TT Podcast Team

“For anyone who hasn’t listened yet, I’d say it’s a pod for fans by fans”

They’ve reached episode 10. We spoke to Marcus Arscott, Sam Druiff and new recruit Ryan Etches about the TT Podcast this week…

So tell us guys, what was the inspiration behind starting a pod?

Marcus – It had been muttered about in the TT group for a while, Sam and I got talking about it earlier in the year over multiple pub visits. The podcast was originally going to come in the form of a live radio show on Riviera FM, but after a meeting with them and much deliberation we decided to go for a podcast instead. So we planned, bought the equipment and here we are!

Sam – I’ve always fancied doing a podcast, I feel like I’ve got a lot of knowledge and I’ve been supporting the Gulls for getting on 15 years now and I’ve seen us in all scenarios! I’m lucky that Marcus was as enthusiastic as me to start, after a few trips to the pub it was a no-brainer.

What’s it like working with each other and what do you think each of you brings to the pod?

Marcus – Sam has a very good footballing mind, he is very good at analysing games and his TUFC knowledge (mainly obscure loanees from 9 years ago) is excellent. He also tends to have strong opinions, which can be very entertaining. I’ve been going to Plainmoor with Ryan for years. Like Sam, he is particularly skilled at analysing a game. He’s pretty funny too.

I like to think that I hold it together somewhat and I try to keep a loose structure going which is sometimes easier said than done. I also handle the production, editing and publishing.

Sam – working with Marcus is great. We’ve got to know each other so well and I think we have great chemistry. He know his stuff on the technical side, so I’m lucky in that respect! He knows his stuff and does all of the research on the other teams. I’m also delighted that Ryan has joined us, it’s going to make it a more open discussion and he’s one of the funniest lads I know so I think people can look forward to what’s to come with him involved!

Ryan – Apart from a correct opinion every time?? The good thing about us as a three is that more often than not we have different opinions and ideas so it makes for a good conversation and hopefully an enjoyable podcast for anyone listening.

And Ryan, how enjoyable has it been joining the guys on the pod?

Ryan – Yeah its been good, never done anything like it before so it’s all new, but excited to hopefully see it expand and gain more listeners.

You have reached episode 10, how do you think it’s gone so far?

Marcus – I’m really pleased with how it’s going. Obviously the first few episodes were always going to be a bit shaky, with none of us having done anything like this before, but we’re all getting much more comfortable now and I feel like we’re settling into a format. Our listening figures so far have been very good and they’re growing.

Sam – I can’t believe we are ten episodes in now. I think it’s been great, you can tell we are improving each week with getting our rhythm and patter, but overall I’m so pleased. Personally I have to say the feedback has been so good, it makes it worth doing knowing that people enjoy listening.

How would you describe the pod for those who have yet to listen in?

Marcus – It’s a weekly dose of 3 lads talking all things Torquay United in a fairly relaxed, informal manner. It’s supposed to be a ‘pub chat’ formula, we don’t plan much and we try to keep it as free-flowing as possible.

Sam – For anyone who hasn’t listened yet, I’d say it’s a pod for fans by fans. It’s an opinion-based podcast and we are totally independent from the club. It’s a great mix of match opinions, banter, news and other features. I’d like to think we have a funny side to us but it’s great if you want to listen to 3 lads talk about Torquay!

Have you regretted anything you’ve said on the pod yet and what’s been the biggest challenges?

Marcus – Probably. I try to consider my opinions beforehand but it’s surprisingly easy to say something a bit stupid without thinking it through when in full flow of conversation. Luckily, there’s always the edit.

It took a bit of time to learn the software and how it works at first, and small processes such as getting on to iTunes turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. We’re pretty settled now though.

Sam – The biggest challenge for me, is staying level headed. I don’t want to be that guy who ‘slags off’ players. It’s also a challenge trying to speak naturally not as if you’re on a podcast, as strange as that may sound! I don’t regret anything I’ve said… but I can have a loose tongue so watch this space…

And finally, how do you think the pod will evolve over time and why should people tune in for episode 10?

Marcus – Well we’ve recently added a third host, Ryan, I think the 3 host formula works much better and feels more like a natural conversation. In the future I hope to add a bit more production, maybe some music or sound effects.

You should tune in because this week we’ve got our listeners’ ‘controversial opinions’ to mull over. We had a fantastic response and some of them are absolute whoppers. We really enjoy making the pod we really hope you enjoy listening to it.

Sam – I hope it becomes a popular podcast firstly. We put a lot into it so I want to see it grow. I’d like to have interviews with a variety of people and keep it fresh. We’re always open to suggestions and I must say there is some great stuff in the pipeline! Episode 10 is a corker, the ‘controversial opinions’ are golden and there is some serious debate!

Ryan – I’ve had my warm-up in ep.9 so get ready to hear me in full flight! Also we’ve got a new segment on controversial opinions which is going to be fun to be a part of.


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