TUFC Predictions 19-20 by TT


Dom Roman – @DomRoman

“We’re almost there and this week TT are finishing the pre-season with a flourish, presenting a new item on the site every day. Firstly I have asked the TT Contributors to make TUFC predictions for 19-20, we last did this in 17-18 and I’m not sure there was a right answer amongst us! This year should be easier….maybe. I also re-introduce each contributor in turn, without them it would just be all me – so thank goodness they are happy to put in a shift!”


Ben Currie – @bencurrie8

DR on BC “Ben loves a wind-up and particularly enjoys giving me (good-natured) stick! He is simply brilliant at summarising 90 minutes of football in his TT match verdicts and always brings total realism to the table, whilst being a total Torquay United die-hard”

Player of the Year: Reidy – I think under Johnson he will pick up where he left off in the NLS.

Young Player of the Year: Vincent – As the season goes on we will see Vincent all over the pitch and he will impress in every position.

Top goal-scorer: Reidy 24 – Once he gets going he’ll be difficult to stop again.

Final League Position: 1st

Are the Gulls Going Up?: Why on earth not? We’ve got the best manager in the league and he didn’t come here just to finish mid-table. He can and will change it mid-season if it isn’t going to plan.


Rachel Malloch – @RachelVillavox

DR on RM – “Rachel is a diamond. She loves her football and is never short of opinion – even if we occasionally disagree on them! Her match verdicts always set the scene on the game and are thoroughly engaging – whilst totally honest to the core”

POTY: Armani Little.

YPOTY: Kalvin Lumbombo Kalala (incredibly only 21).

Top goal-scorer: Jamie Reid 18 

Final League Position: 7

Are the Gulls Going Up?: Heart says yes, head says no.


Matty Hayward – @MattyHayward96

DR on MH – “Young Matty is never short of opinions! Always quick with a reply and a razor-sharp tweet (unless it’s too early in the morning!) – his blogs and verdicts are packed full of puns and clever word-play, which always makes them worth a read”

POTY: I think it’ll be Reidy. I expect him to keep getting better and score another hatful. He’s definitely good enough for this level.

YPOTY: Both Kalala and Wynter will run Reidy close for overall POTY. Both have been excellent in pre-season and I think there’s enormous scope for improvement in them both. I reckon Kalala will set this league alight, so I’ll go for him.

Top goal-scorer: Reidy. 25 in the league. I say that not with optimism but with confidence. He’s that good.

Final League Position: A month or so ago I’d have said mid-table. 10th at a push. Usually I hate it when people make predictions based on no fact, but I just have a feeling we’ll finish in the play-offs. Let’s go for 5th.

Are the Gulls Going Up?: I’m a pessimist at heart, despite what I’ve just said. So, no. We’ll lose to some tin-pot club like Solihull in the play-offs.


Sam Jones – @samuellejones

DR on SJ – “Meeting someone like Sam is why I love Twitter. He helped us pen a match verdict and before you know it became an important part of the team as deputy editor. A guy who loves to paint a picture about the afternoon of TUFC football and does it very well”

POTY: Kyle Cameron – Kyle was outstanding last year, and I don’t see any reason he can’t make the step up to the NL. I reckon he’ll be the rock of the defence next season, and will hopefully add to his goal tally too.

YPOTY: Kalala – If Kalvin stays with us for the season, he will dominate the NL. The talent is prodigious, his attitude is very good and his finishing is fantastic. Will be a massive part of our team next season.

Top goal-scorer: Jamie Reid 20 – The King of Park Lane has got a manager who has confidence in him, a squad that will provide him with plenty of chances and a crowd that loves him. He’ll rock the NL, and will form a great partnership with Duku.

Final League Position: 4th – I reckon we’ll have a very good season. We won’t go up automatically but no reason why we can’t challenge for the play-offs. And once you’re there, who knows what happens.

Are the Gulls going up?: Yes. No question. End of.

Andy C

Andy Charles – @capitalgull

DR on AC – “I have yet to meet Andy, though this will be rectified at Solihull! I do know however that he is a total authority on Torquay United and his match verdicts are very enjoyable, whilst also being perfectly proof-read – which makes my job easy”

POTY: Armani Little

YPOTY: Armani Little.

Top goal-scorer: Jamie Reid: 19

Final League Position: Third

Are the Gulls going up?: No. But we will play in the Tunnocks Wafer Cup in 20-21.


Ryan Etches – @RyanEtches

DR on RE – “Ryan is quite new to the team and has stepped up to the plate impressively this pre-season with four match verdicts. Always full of banter and old mates with podcaster Marcus Arscott – he’s a welcome addition to the team for 19-20”

POTY: Armani Little.

YPOTY: Ben Wynter.

Top goal-scorer: Jamie Reid 17 goals.

Final League Position: 5th.

Are the Gulls going up?: Of course.


Rich Heesem – @RichHeesem

DR on RH – “Rich is one of my oldest friends. We have sat together for numerous years in the old Grandstand and then Bristow’s Bench, and are usually found loitering beforehand in the Gulls Nest with a beer in hand (see also Ryan Etches and Marcus Arscott). Generally calm but loses his rag once every game over something random – which is nice”.

POTY: Little

YPOTY: I think he fits into this so I am going with Kalala.

Final League Position: 4th

Top goal-scorer: Reid 18

Are the Gulls going up?: The Gulls will get to the play-offs but won’t be going up!


Jonny Jones – @Jonny_Jones

DR on JJ – “Me and JJ have only met briefly a couple of times, but I know A) He’s got a lucky white coat  B) He’s a cool dude (people still say that right?) and C) He’s been a great help with tweeting and most notably forum posting. What’s not to like?”

POTY: Little- looks like a real quality addition, just what we need in the middle of the park.

YPOTY: Kalala. Love him, simple as that.

Top goal-scorer: Reid, 17. I think the goals will be harder to come by, but I fancy Reidy to get a decent target.

Final League Position: 6th

Are the Gulls going up?: Think we’ll make the playoffs, not sure if we’ll go up at the first time of asking though. I’d be thrilled with a play-off push.


Luke Hunter – @lukehunter8

DR on LH – “Luke is our site developer and a social media whizz. He was the first contributor (apart from me!) to appear on the site and is a top man with an eye on all the issues that occur in the footballing world. Currently travelling over in Australia, which is a shame with all these northern  games to cover this season…hint hint Luke!” 

POTY: Armani Little – I don’t think we can under-estimate just how good of a signing he will turn out to be.

YPOTY: Olaf Kozsela

Top goal-scorer: Jamie Reid 16

Final League Position: Play-offs

Are the Gulls going up?: Yes


“I eat and drink football every day of the week (and have done for as long as I remember), and this website is me turning this passion into something worthwhile. Originally the site was supposed to be just me, but the contributors have made it so much more. I knit the whole lot together I guess and give these guys a platform to write about the club they all love – which gives me great satisfaction. Onwards and upwards”.

POTY: Kyle Cameron – Kyle is a defender who is just going to get better and better, starting with a cracking season in the NL.

YPOTY: Kalvin Kalala – He can dazzle us like few others have ever done in a United shirt, our X-Factor and a nightmare for opposing full backs.

Top goal-scorer: Reidy 18 – Got to be Jamie. I’ll say 18 overall which is a decent total considering the step-up and I’m sure he’ll create plenty as well.

Position: 6th. Not quite strong enough to challenge at the top, but with GJ in charge a play-off push awaits.

Are the Gulls Going Up?: No, not this time. I think we’ll have a good season and rattle plenty of cages – but maybe just fall short in the play-offs.



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